Online Data Shows Which Countries Aussies Prefer Shopping From

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Digital data collected over the last three years has shown an increase in the appeal of products manufactured in Italy, with Chinese goods dropping in popularity.

In an exclusive study, SEMrush has revealed that Australians are becoming more discerning when it comes to purchasing imported products. In the last three years, ‘Made in Italy’ was reportedly the most searched phrase by Aussies looking to purchase goods made in a particular country.

In 2018, Australians looked for “Italian made” goods more than products made in China, which had been top of the list in both 2016 and 2017. It’s believed the increase in the appeal of Italian made goods stems from the desire to purchase goods made in well-known Italian fashion houses and from reputable shoe designers, while Italian wine and luxury cars have also become synonymous with quality in the eyes of Australian shoppers.

In its report, SEMrush also acknowledged a decline in loyalty towards products that are made on Australian shores. “Australian made” showed a downward trend every year from 2016 to 2018, dropping by 8.7 percent over the two year period,” the report said.

Over the last 12-months, Australians searched the most for products made in Italy, followed by China, Japan, Australia and Mexico.

Countries Searching “Australian Made”

While Aussies are busy searching for products that are made in Italy, Australian goods remained a popular product search among international consumers in 2018. SEMrush has noted that the popularity of Aussie ugg boots, as well as famous wines, beers, ciders and gins have all kept Australia front-of-mind for global shoppers.

Despite a decline in the amount of Aussies searching for Australian made, local shoppers still searched “Australian made” more than consumers in any other market. After locals came shoppers in the US, India, the UK and Vietnam, as well as Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Thailand.

What About the US?

“Made in the USA” is one of the less popular product searches made globally over the last 12-months. Coming in at number 77, SEMrush says there has been no increase in demand for goods manufactured in America since President Donald Trump came into office.

“Despite President Trump wanting to increase American manufacturing and encouraging the Western world to buy goods made in the United States rather than from China, no increase in demand has been seen since he became president at the start of 2017. Even its neighbour, Canada, had “Made in the USA” at number eight behind Mexico, China and itself,” SEMrush said.

Looking at the most popular location-based searches for goods in the world, India came in as the number one producer of products in terms of online searches, followed by China, Italy, Mexico and Brazil.

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