Revealed: The Most Popular Online Marketplaces by Country

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We know that the Australian market is dominated by the likes of eBay, Amazon and even and Catch, but how does our marketplace activity compare to the rest of the world?

Using population and internet usage data, Website Builder Expert has discovered which online marketplaces have the biggest audiences across the globe, and, not surprisingly, Amazon has come out on top.
Amazon is reportedly the most popular online marketplace in the world, with a global reach of 1.2 billion. However, the global powerhouse isn’t going unchallenged, as China’s Alibaba is quickly gaining traction, reaching 1.07 billion people across 15 markets.
Across Australia and in parts of Africa, eBay is the marketplace of choice, while Amazon controls the US, UK and parts of Europe and Africa. One big, lesser-known competitor for Amazon in Europe is Schibsted. The Nordic media group operates sites like, and Blocket in 13 countries across the continent and is most dominant in Nordic countries like Norway and Sweden.

Amazon's global dominance

The most popular marketplaces in the world, by country.

Another global powerhouse that is relatively unheard of in the Australian market is Naspers. The multinational internet and media group is based in South Africa but offers entertainment, e-commerce and communication services in more than 130 countries. While it’s located in Africa, the company has its biggest influence in Russia, where it’s the most popular online marketplace.
Heading into the Asia-Pacific region, Amazon does have a presence but is outranked by Alibaba in Asia, especially China, and by eBay in Australia. Local players are also the most popular in places like South America, where Argentinian company, MercadoLibre reigns supreme.
Other marketplaces with a strong local and international presence include Rocket Internet, Be Forward and Flipkart.
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