Online Sales in the UK are Increasing as Lockdown Measures Lifted

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Online sales in Australia are remaining steady, how are they faring worldwide? A new report from Britain's Retail Consortium shows that online is here to stay, even if consumers are out of lockdown.

Australian consumers are changing the way they prefer to shop. Online sales continue to increase, and according to the latest research from Power Retail, an overwhelming number of Australians (81 percent) are expecting to increase their spending this month. What does the future of retail look like in other parts of the world?

Across the pond, retail trends are looking a bit different. In a new study from the British Retail Consortium (BRC), monthly retail sales have continued to increase. Although physical stores have re-opened, online sales are on the rise, reporting growth of 0.6 percent, compared to the same period last year. Overall retail sales are up 4.6 percent YoY but remain down on the three-month rolling average of 14.7 percent.

In mid-July. the online grocery industry saw a slight dip for the first time on record (-2.6 percent), as the lockdown. measures lifted and consumers shopped at brick-and-mortar stores. Interestingly, there has been a major boost in formalwear and cosmetics sales across the UK. This is likely due to an increase in weddings, events and the overall desire to dress up when leaving the house.

“July continued to see strong sales, although growth has started to slow,” shared Helen Dickinson, the CEO of the BRC. “The lifting of restrictions did not bring the anticipated in-store boost, with the wet weather leaving consumers reluctant to visit shopping destinations.

“Online sales remained strong, and with weddings and other social events back on for the summer calendar, formalwear and beauty all began to see notable improvement, so fashion outlets, in particular, saw a bounce back to pre-pandemic levels,” she said.

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