4 Ways Online Shopping Will Improve by 2020

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This year NRF showcased some cool emerging technologies that will shape the near-future of e-commerce, created to improve online shopping for retailers and consumers. 

Improving the online customer experience will ramp up over the next couple of years thanks to new and evolving technologies that will be available to retailers and shoppers very soon. The “Retail 2020” innovation lab at NRF’s 2018 Retail’s Big Show held in New York had some pretty cool tech on display developed to make online shopping better for consumers and retailers.

No Trips To the Store – Reimagined

Starship Technologies’ robots are designed to assist retailers to cater for those consumers who forgot to take their lunch to work or perhaps just need a quick trip to the grocery store. Shoppers can order last-minute items online and follow its robot online as it navigates its way to the consumer’s home or office. The company says the win for retailers is a significant reduction in delivery cost and time.

4 Ways Online Shopping Will Improve by

Supply Chain Improvements

Locus Robotics’ warehouse robots work alongside warehouse staff to more than double human productivity, which means consumers goods will be delivered even faster. According to the tech company, retailers that are using the technology are already reporting a 30 to 40 percent reduction in warehouse operating costs.

4 Ways Online Shopping Will Improve by 2020 nrf 2018

The Right Fit

The last time I ordered a new pair of runners I ended up ordering three pairs from When they arrived I chose the one that fit the best and returned the other two items.  Volumental has found a solution to this common consumer behaviour with its advanced AI Fit Engine – a fast and accurate 3D foot scanning system that can recommend a pair of shoes to the shopper based on individual foot size, fit and preference. The win for retailers, according to Volumunental, is a 25 percent decrease in online shoe returns.

4 Ways Online Shopping Will Improve by 2020 nrf 2018

Completing the Outfit

I own a mink velvet skirt that has been sitting in my wardrobe for the last three years because I haven’t found the right top for it. But, thanks to two technologies coming together – Findme’s  machine learning platform and Slyce’s image recognition, I can now take a picture of my skirt and have it paired with a suitable top that will complete the outfit. The new technology aims to increase consumer engagement and generate conversations around merchandise.

4 Ways Online Shopping Will Improve by 2020 nrf 2018

Slyce was tasked with creating a customized visual search app for Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommyland fashion show in Venice Beach February 8, 2017.

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