Outlook 2020: An Inside Perspective of a Global Industry

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In search of the next big thing in e-commerce, it can be easy to get engrossed in a myriad of predictions. From headless commerce to drone delivery, there are more trends coming our way than you could shake a stick at. 

Power Retail is hosting its inaugural Outlook event, which will unpack the trends that will shape the Australian retail landscape in 2020.

Unlike anything else, Outlook will look local and then take it global. For professionals within the digital retail landscape, this event provides unprecedented insights into the trends and predictions that will hit the e-commerce scene in 2020.

Not only will this event feature some of Australia’s finest retailers, but Power Retail is also proud to present one of the world’s foremost experts on digital commerce, Sucharita Kodali, Principal Analyst at Forrester, presenting new data and insights imperative to the future of retail.

Power Retail is renowned for its extensive database of information surrounding Australian e-commerce. In many articles, Power Retail examines the facts and figures surrounding trends such as Buy Now, Pay Later and sustainability.

However, while having this data is essential, it’s how you use it to your advantage that can be really valuable.

Outlook 2020 expands and explores these stats, facts and figures like never before. The future of retail is here. How will your company approach it?

If you are a retailer wishing to attend Outlook 2020, we have limited spots so please express your interest in attending by contacting [email protected]

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