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PayPal Supports First NFP Indigenous Online Marketplace, Welcome to Country

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By Published On: June 16, 20210 Comments

Welcome to Country is partnering with PayPal to raise awareness for the online marketplace, showcasing businesses that support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. 

Welcome to Country is the first Indigenous-led NFP online marketplace, that features experiences for Australians to connect with the world’s oldest living culture. This includes tours, day treks, bush foods, art and cultural experiences, festivals and scenic flights. As a result of the pandemic, Welcome to Country felt the impact of the restrictions on travel – this devastated the income for Indigenous community leaders and experience providers.

“So many of the experiences we showcase give tourists the chance to buy Indigenous products to take home with them,” shared Jason Eades, the CEO of Welcome to Country. “When it seemed like customers weren’t going to be able to reach those businesses, we decided to help bring their products to the customer.”

via Welcome to Country

PayPal is raising awareness for the online business, which now offers thousands of products on its platform such as art, books, and fashion. These items are sourced from artists, art centres and manufacturers that pay fair royalties and have licensing agreements with the artists, Eades said. “The success of the Welcome to Country shop exceeded our wildest expectations, and every purchase directly benefits Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and communities.”

PayPal will feature Welcome to Country on its website and in its marketing materials. What’s more, the online platform experienced a 23 percent month-on-month increase in sales after adding a PayPal option to the checkout. According to Eades, 46 percent of the transactions on the platform are shoppers who use PayPal. “We’re excited to be working with PayPal, as they’ve been a significant part of our success so far,” he said.

via Welcome to Country

Arnhem Land Tour | via Welcome to Country

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