Phil Leahy Steps Down as CEO of Retail Global, Welcomes “Next Generation”

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Phil Leahy is stepping down as CEO of Retail Global. But this is just the beginning for the retail icon, as he takes on a new role as CEO of MedCart.

“It’s time for the next generation to drive Retail Global Events onwards, and globally,” he shared. The retail icon, who has been at the forefront of the industry in Australia for years, will now pass the role of CEO over to Ashley Hudson. Luke Rowohlt will take over the role as COO of Retail Global Events.

“I am proud to say, after close to 17 years, that I am stepping down as Chief Executive Officer of Retail Global,” Leahy shared in a post on LinkedIn. Of his many years in the role, his vision for Retail Global remains the same, he said.

“My vision for the Retail Global brand was always:

  • Share without fear;
  • Inclusive access for all – small and big business;
  • Promote cross border sales;
  • Have fun in the process

“I look forward to seeing how Ashley and Luke take the baton and run with it, continuing to expand our team of event professionals. Their leadership and support during the pandemic was inspiring. The results speak loudly,” he said.

While he may be stepping down as the CEO of Retail Global, Leahy will remain in a ‘small role’ of Executive Director, “so you’ll see me on the odd digital day (sorry!),” he shared.

“Today is one of the happiest days of my life.”

– Phil Leahy

In his LinkedIn post, Leahy explained some of the many achievements and milestones that he and his team have accomplished over the years. These include the social enterprise, which was launched at the start of the pandemic. This initiative has raised $2.8 million in care packages, which were distributed to more than 134,000 health workers nationwide.

Furthermore, Retail Global launched one of the leading medical marketplaces, MedCart, in which Leahy will now take the role of CEO.

“To be back in e-commerce, especially in the role of leading a new marketplace, is so much fun! I have missed the thrill of retail. We are currently hiring new people and it’s exciting. I’m proud to continue to serve merchants, this time by delivering a new sales channel. The feedback from customers, retailers, sellers and wholesalers brings such joy,” he shared.

How does he feel about this new step in his career? He couldn’t be more delighted. “Today is one of the happiest days of my life,” he said. “My baby has legs and it’s only 17. Thank you to everyone in the industry who has supported our efforts and who we’ve been able to serve.”

Congratulations to Phil for his immense and illustrious journey with Retail Global. We can’t wait to see what happens next!

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