Pinterest Completes the Look with Smart Recommendations

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Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms for those who are in search for inspiration. Now new technology helps users find the products they’re searching for.

The social media platform, Pinterest, has unveiled new technology that allows Pinners to access recommended products in the fashion and home decor sections. Dubbed ‘Complete the Look’, the recommendations are given to users based on context and attributes ‘of all objects in a Pin’s scene’.

This new technology aims to leverage the scene of an image on the platform and recommend visually similar results for shopping and extra inspiration. As Pinterest often acts as a user’s mood board or a place for inspiration, the platform’s new integration will act as a springboard for users to find the items that they search for.

“Understanding the full scene of a Pin (like a living room) enables us to recommend other objects (like a lamp, pillows and table) that would match that scene and your taste,” explained a spokesperson for Pinterest. “For example, if you’re saving or visually searching a street style Pin with a beach scene, we can pull out the products, recognise the environmental context, and give recommendations for how to complete the outfit with a hat, sandals and sunglasses based on products in other similar scenes.”

According to research by eMarketer, Pinterest currently outpaces other platforms when it comes to discovering products, and its users were found to significantly ‘overindex their willingness to try new brands’.

Fashion and Home Decor are two of the most popular categories on the site, With this in mind, Pinterest is finding new ways to leverage these categories with the technology. Using the ‘Complete the Look’ technology, users can identify includes the type of outfit, the body type of the person in the picture, season, indoors vs. outdoors, various pieces of furniture and the overall aesthetics of the room.

This update isn’t the only advancement that Pinterest is introducing into its platform. This update is built upon ongoing work in ‘visual search’, such as automated Shop the Look, which personalises shoppable ideas to people across the platform.

According to research provided by GFK’s Path to Purchase, 78 per cent of weekly Pinners engaging in Home and Decor content have made a purchase after seeing the content from brands on Pinterest. Moreover, 83 per cent of fashion weekly Pinners made a purchase based on the fashion content from brands shows on the platform.

Pinterest remains one of the leading inspiration sources for consumers who are redecorating their home or in search for products while shopping. According to the GFK research, 49 per cent of Pinners used the platform in store while performing their shopping tasks for home and decor.

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