Power Retail Celebrates International Women’s Day

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Breaking the Bias takes time, especially when it comes to ending discrimination against women across the world.

Everyone has a bias – be it intentional or subconscious – and to end it once and for all, it’s imperative that we identify the bias we all have against others and seek to stop it in its tracks.

On Friday, 4th March, Power Retail and Vicinity Centres hosted an intimate lunch in Hotel Chadstone to celebrate the women in the retail industry.

Hosted by Editor, Ally Feiam, and Relationships Manager, Rachel Gowland, the event aimed to reconnect women in the industry and bring them together to celebrate their success.

The theme for International Women’s Day in 2022 is Break the Bias. This year, people are asked to imagine a world without stereotypes, discrimination, and embrace a world that empowers diversity, equity and inclusivity.

“Too often women are pitted against each other, told to compete with each other, given unrealistic expectations, and placed in boxes that can restrict us from advancing forward,” said Ally at the event. “That’s why days and events such as these are so important. We need to encourage each other to continue to break barriers, fight discrimination and end gender bias once and for all.”

At the lunch event, Rachel Gowland gave the audience an insight into her career, spanning over two decades in Australia and the UK.

Rachel Gowland and Ally Feiam

When asked why she took part in the event, Rachel explained that being a mother to two daughters inspires her to leave a legacy for independent and courageous women. Moreover, she feels that she has a duty of care to help empower women start are starting their careers or finishing school.

What advice does she give herself and other women in their career journey? “Be yourself, listen, have empathy but also grit.”

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