Power Retail Podcast: Hello! How National Tiles Became a Household Name

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Tune in as Power Retail sits down with Lynna Barrett, the Chief Digital Officer at National Tiles to discuss her experience with Aussie brands and the passion that drives National Tiles to become one of Australia's most iconic brands.

It’s safe to say that most Australians would know the name Frank Walker and his iconic radio ads. National Tiles has featured in homes across Australia since 1979. The ‘Hello! Frank Walker from National Tiles‘  has become an iconic advert across Australia for several years, and now, it’s an e-commerce dream, thanks to Lynna Barrett.

“It was a dream e-commerce framework,” Ms Barrett said. With experience with Cotton On, Best & Less and Billabong, she has worked with many Australian brands. She has a passion for products, clothing and everything in between, which is quite different for National Tiles. “When I started out at Cotton On, online was just in its infancy stage. So, being so hands-on at that time and building our own platforms and [having] to do everything from scratch and figure it all out,” she said. “Also, just loving fashion; loving products; loving online and the power of it, and seeing the sales growth that no one ever thought that we could do [is] the passion that I brought to National Tiles.”

“Tiles are a lot easier to shoot than fashion and apparel,” she explained. “The cost of models, hair and makeup, and only being able to shoot 40 items a day, that cost we did not have.” With 1000 SKUs on the database, National Tiles doesn’t have the hassle of shooting hundreds of thousands of products on models on a daily and weekly basis.

With no hair and makeup to handle during a shoot, the tiles company can easily control its campaigns without spending too much money or time. Without a heavy focus on time-consuming shoots, Ms Barrett and National Tiles can increase their concentration on user experience and making the customer happy.

To listen to the full podcast, tune in to the Power Retail Podcast at the Retail Global Gold Coast 2019 Conference below:

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