Power Retail Podcast: How Total Tools Nails E-Commerce

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Tune in as Power Retail discusses attracting the right customers, competition and the importance of e-commerce with Rohan Alcorn, the Digital Marketing Manager from Total Tools.

As one of the largest tool store in Australia for more than 30 years, Total Tools has provided specialist tools to tradies.

Starting out as a franchise business, Total Tools has grown into the national brand that is present today. “We’re a rapidly growing brand; opening stores every year,”explained Rohan Alcorn, the Digital Marketing Manager at Total Tools. “We’re still expanding, and has been that way for quite a while.”

While focussing on the traditional brick and mortar aspect of retail, the Aussie tool company decided to pull interest in e-commerce in 2017. Mr Alcorn is now responsible for managing a ‘high performance in-house team’ for all digital marketing, analytics, marketing tech and campaigns. “Business has been pretty traditional, and got into proper e-commerce around two years ago,” he said. “Now [the CEO] is realising the importance of digital marketing, and is starting to invest in that.”

Competition doesn’t necessarily frighten the likes of Total Tools. “(Like Bunnings), we price match everything. We always price match everyone; you kinda have to do that,” Mr alcorn explained. “But a lot of it is about in-store experience. For all of the marketing tech and everything people talk about, we have staff in store who know their customers. A lot of them are from trades, and they actually really know what they’re talking about with tools. That’s something that Bunnings can’t offer.”

Listen to the full Power Retail podcast below, or on the Power Retail YouTube channel.

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