Power Retail Podcast: Why KG Electronic Works Differently for Success

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We sat down with Doron Kushlin, the Co-Owner of KG Electronic to discuss the power of marketplaces, staying ahead of the game and the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with suppliers.

Online marketplaces have become one of the most successful platforms for companies to sell products. For KG Electronic, it’s a launching pad for its success. Doron Kushlin, the Co-Owner of Australia’s ‘largest home electronic store’, knows how important it is to stay relevant and competitive in these fast-paced times.

“We invested more in marketplaces – we are a pure marketplace layer,” Mr Kushlin explained. “We’re really having massive growth from our marketplaces.” Working with names like Kogan, Catch, MyDeal, eBay and Amazon, KG Electronic also finds success selling internationally to New Zealand and across the globe.

Falling into one of the most competitive categories in retail, KG Electronic knows that in order to stay on top, it has to remain relevant and constantly update its products to battle against the big names. “The most important thing is to be on top of the game all the time,” he said. “To get the latest products, investing in new products, get new suppliers, new things and innovate – all the time.”

As the only buyer in the company, Mr Kushlin holds the responsibility of sourcing the best and latest tech products that he knows will sell. “I am the only buyer in the company at the moment. Between our two businesses, we have 10,000 SKUs. I work a bit differently. My suppliers are my buyers. I have a great relationship with them, and they pretty much do everything for me.”

Building a great relationship with the suppliers is one of the key aspects of maintaining a solid business structure, according to Mr Kushlin. “First, before anything, is a relationship with my suppliers. They are my friends, and we know everything about each other, so that’s why we’re doing that,” he explained.

To hear more insights from the electronic powerhouse, listen to the full Power Retail Podcast below.

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