Power Retail Podcast: Saving the World, One Patch at a Time

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From an allergic reaction to a globally recognised first aid alternative, PATCH has changed the way many people use plasters. We sat down with James Dutton to discuss the natural adhesive bandages.

When James Dutton’s son, Charlie, came to his dad with a wound, James did what any father would – he covered it with a generic plaster from the First Aid Kit. Unfortunately, Charlie suffered an allergic reaction from the bandage and made the wound worse.

James then discovered the myriad of chemicals found in standard first aid plasters that caused Charlie to react badly. It turns out that Charlie isn’t alone with the reaction.

“25 per cent of the market have an irritation to the common products on the shelf,” Dutton explained. “so we’ve just stripped everything back and started from scratch… pardon the pun.” Enter PATCH, the natural alternative to wound care.

Made with 100 per cent certified organic bamboo fibre and added with coconut oil, aloe vera and activated charcoal. “I began to see the antimicrobial benefits the bamboo fibres and the natural source, the sustainable nature of the farming of it, and how we can develop a natural alternative to put on the skin,” Dutton said.

Its parent company, Nutricare, was co-founded by Dutton in 2015 and launched PATCH in 2017. Since its inception PATCH has become the perfect substitute for millions of people around the globe. “We’re talking hundreds of thousands of people around the world are enjoying the product,” said Dutton. Aside from its massive impact on the quarter of the population who suffer from allergic reactions to the wound care, there’s an even bigger impact that plasters have on the environment.

“The American market alone, just in consumption of retail sales, we’re talking 7.7 billion units per annum as far as a marketplace, which means there’s 50 per cent of the American landscape is covered by material waste in just that supply,” explained Dutton. His advice for those who wish to start their own company: “If you really believe and you have a real, true mission, a true cause and why you’re doing it, nothing should stop you.”

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