Power Retail Podcast: What’s the Typical Day for Catch?

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Tune in as Grant Arnott from Power Retail discusses with Kalman Polak how Catch became a household name, competing against the biggest marketplaces in Australia, and the average day for someone at Catch Group.

In the wake of Wesfarmers’ acquisition of Catch Group, let’s dive into the typical day of someone at the company. Founded in 2007 by Gabby and Hezi Leibovich, Catch Group has evolved into one of Australia’s most popular online marketplaces.

Wesfarmers bought Catch Group Limited for $230 million, but the marketplace is said to continue to work as a single unit, with oversight of Kmart Group Managing Director, Ian Bailey.

With more than one million products both directly and through the Catch Marketplace, Catch Group have made a name for itself as an e-commerce platform, receiving more than 450,000 visits and 8,000 orders on a daily basis.

“We’re constantly evolving … aside from the side projects we’ve had in Scoopon, Grocery Run and Mumgo, but Catch continues to be the big, massive juggernaut. I believe it’s going to continue to grow from strength to strength,” explained Kalman Polak, the Director if GroceryRun and Catch veteran. “I think we’re going to be on the heels of Amazon and eBay because we’ve got the audience and they trust us, and they trust our brand. So it’s certainly to grow and go places.”

With such innovative ideas and projects coming through the pipeline at Catch, there is almost no such thing as a ‘typical day’. “A lot of the [innovative ideas] come from Gabby and Hezi, the founders; Nat is constantly coming up with ideas. A lot of the time we’re knocking them back because we don’t know how the hell we’re gonna get them all done,” Polak said.

“We are a team of thinkers, and we’re constantly thinking outside of the box. You have to, otherwise, you’re just going to be like the rest of them and you’re not going to move forward,” he continued.

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