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Amazon Prime Day is being postponed in India and Canada, and Selfridges is jumping on the online rental train. Here is a snapshot of some of the biggest international e-commerce stories from around the globe this week.

Amazon Prime Day Paused in Canada and India

Amazon Prime Day has been temporarily halted in India and Canada following increasing concerns over COVID-19. “Based on the increasing impact of COVID-19 in Canada, and the importance we place on protecting the health and safety of our employees and customers, we will pause plans for Prime Day 2021 in Canada,” the retailer wrote in a statement. There are currently more than 300,000 new cases recorded daily in India, and a sharp incline of newly recorded cases in Canada.


Fashionette Acquires Brandfield

Fashionette, a German online retailer that specialises in luxury accessories, has acquired Brandfield, a Dutch jewellery store. The retailer plans to use this newly acquired business to accelerate growth as part of its global expansion. “With the acquisition of Brandfield, we are significantly advancing the expansion announced at the IPO and accelerate our dynamic and profitable growth,” explained Daniel Raab, the CEO of Fashionette.

The amount that Brandfield was acquired for is unknown but expected to be within the double-digit million euro range. “The acquisition of Brandfield not only increases our footprint in Europe, but also contributes positively to the scaling of our data-driven online platform for premium and luxury fashion accessories. Furthermore, there is significant synergy potential that we will leverage together with the existing management and the entire Brandfield team,” said Raab.


Selfridges Launches Online Rental Service

Selfridges is diving into the world of fashion rentals with the launch of its new online service – Selfridges Rental. In collaboration with Hurr Collective, the retailer will use the expansion of its previously tested platform to reach a new customer base. The service will feature a wide selection of brands “from well-known names, to cult contemporary icons giving more of our customers the opportunity to experience the very best Selfridges has to offer,” the retailer explained.

The concept behind the service is to reach customers that wish to give the impression that they can afford luxury or premium items without having to spend the money. “Yet it is also appealing to customers who can afford to pay full-price but want the convenience of swapping out last season’s fashion for current season,” said Victoria Pew, the Founder of Hurr.

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