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Sales season is rapidly approaching. For retailers looking to increase sales during one of the busiest seasons of the year, Click Frenzy is hosting a webinar with fresh, essential data to help retailer prepare for a November like no other.

The season for sales events is rapidly upon us, and with huge events such as Click Frenzy and Christmas sneaking up, it can be easy to lose track of time.

In the Click Frenzy 2020 Planning Series webinar, hosted by Grant Arnott, the CEO of Click Frenzy and Patrick Rechsteiner, Digital Transformation Specialist, the two examined the most important aspects to remember before securing a spot in Click Frenzy’s Main Event from 10-12 November.

If you were unable to attend this webinar, this is what you missed:

The Shift to Online is Permanent

Online revenue growth has continued to grow steadily over the last 12 months. While the typical trends see a lull in revenue from late December to January, in March 2020, there was a significant increase in revenue across digital retail channels. The growth was sustained up until April, where it started to drop slightly.

Events such as  Click Frenzy Mayhem in May, along with other factors, saw a shift in e-commerce popularity, with levels around 50-60 percent higher than the year before.

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Source: Click Frenzy | Data Source: Power Retail Benchmarking Index 2020

Click Frenzy and the Aussie Business Boom

As a result of COVID-19, 92 percent of Australians feel more motivated to buy and shop with local businesses. Seventy-two percent of those shoppers said they want to contribute to Australian companies, to help them survive post-COIVD. Furthermore, 59 percent said they would support local to preserve and create jobs for fellow Aussies.

Click Frenzy puts Australian retail brands in the spotlight, with its already strong member base growing this year.

The Click Frenzy Mayhem event saw a 135 percent increase in visits, reaching nearly 2.5 million. There were over 19 million page views at this year’s event, up 222 percent from 2019. Of those visits, 5,309,929 were to retailers, up 103 percent.

The DNA of a Click Frenzy Member

The average member of Click Frenzy spends $381.13 and will order an average of 1.6 items. Of those Click Frenzy members, 27 percent will place two or more orders.

So, how do you attract these shoppers, and what are the most effective strategies against other online competitors? Offering a site-wide discount, such as 20 percent off everything, is 44 percent more effective, and conducting a special sale will be more 29 percent more effective.

Preparing for Click Frenzy November

As e-commerce continues to flourish, the growth in popularity is set to stay. If you missed the first Click Frenzy webinar to create an effective strategy for the Main Event, don’t stress. The second webinar will be presented on September 30th at 12:00 AEST.

In part two of the Click Frenzy 2020 Planning Series, this session is hosted by Grant Arnott and features guest speaker Celeste Giusti, Marketing and E-Commerce Manager, at Fila Australia.

This must-watch session will share new, essential data from Click Frenzy and Power Retail on critical trends and shopper attitudes relating to online shopping events in 2020. Furthermore, there will be breakdowns of successful Click Frenzy campaigns and what retailers will need for a sale season, unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Register for the event here, and be prepared for a November like no other.

Disclosure: Click Frenzy Pty Ltd is owned by Global Marketplace, the parent company of Power Retail.

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