Princess Polly’s Foray Into Influencer Marketing

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Princess Polly is no stranger to the benefits of influencer marketing; a point the fast fashion retailer proves as it announces its latest influencer clothing collection with YouTube star, Sammy Robinson.

Robinson teased the release of her new clothing collaboration over the weekend, but Princess Polly has confirmed the new limited edition, 16-piece collection, will be available exclusively from Princess Polly’s online store, next week.

The fashion e-tailer originally dipped its toes into the world of influencer marketing in late 2017, when it released its first influencer collection with Cartia Mallan.

By teaming up with Robinson, Princess Polly will gain access to her network of more than 600,000 YouTube subscribers, who have already expressed their delight over Robinson’s announcement.

“I have been waiting for this – I love your style so much,” one user wrote, while others joked “BRB, eating instant noodles for a week, so I can buy EVERYTHING.”

When talking about her motive while designing the line, Robinson said that creating something that fits with the Princess Polly brand that she also loves and would feel comfortable promoting was a big consideration.

“I wanted to create classic pieces that are closet staples, which is why I really put a focus on making sure I’m utterly obsessed with the cut and fabric of each style. I want everyone to be able to wear this range and have it in their wardrobe for a really long time,” she said.

Multichannel lingerie brand, Bras N Things has also used influencer marketing in the past, with the launch of its ‘Body Bliss’ range in 2016. The product launch reached more than 1.77 million followers, achieving better-than-expected results. Within three days of releasing the range, with the help of Australian models and influencers, Tahnee Atkinson, Samantha Harris, Steph Smith, Natalie Roser, and Bianca Cheah, Bras N Things amassed more than $1 million in sales.

Princess Polly has told fans of Robinson to tune into the company’s Instagram page on Friday, June 1, for details surrounding the exclusive product launch.

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