Consumers Rate Product Price More Important Than Delivery Speed

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A national survey commissioned by online retailer, Container Door, has revealed some interesting statistics around how much Aussie shoppers love to bag a bargain.

Did you know that 24 percent of the Australian population describes the thrill of bagging a bargain as “more exciting than sex”? When you break this down by gender, the number increases to 30 percent for men, while women drop to 18 percent.

But the thrill of getting as much bang for their buck doesn’t end at comparing affordable products to sex; 29 percent of the population also reportedly said that they would be more excited over a great purchase than they would over their footy team winning the Grand Final.

According to Ben Nathan, the founder of these figures didn’t come as a surprise as it’s no secret Aussies like to score a deal.

“We know shoppers too often feel like they’re getting ripped off by retailers so it wasn’t a huge shock to us that getting something you want for a great price is comparable to sex and winning the Grand Final,” he said.

Looking a little closer at consumer shopping habits in the online space, Container Door has also found that consumers (62 percent) are willing to wait between six and eight weeks for their order to arrive if it means they get it for less than half price. Interestingly enough, millennials are more willing to wait for their order than their older counterparts. Respondents between the age of 25 to 34 were among the most patient, while online shoppers aged between 55 and 64 are reportedly the least patient.

A further 65 percent of respondents said they’re more confident they’ll find a bargain online than they will in-store. But, 93 percent will shop both online and in-store if they’re making a purchase of $500 or more.

Container Door, which recently launched in Australia, also says that Victorians and Queenslanders are the savviest shoppers, with Sydneysiders slower to jump on the savings wagon.

“We’re hoping our recent launch into Australia will make it easier for the people of NSW to get savvier with their shopping,” Nathan said.

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