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By Grant Arnott | 05 Dec 2017

The much-anticipated launch of Amazon in Australia has arrived – Power Retail takes a first look at what the new has to offer.

Here we are with our first look at the freshly minted We’ll be updating this throughout today so keep checking in, and if you have comments of your own to put forward, please send to [email protected].

Fashion Fashion Category Review

In the clothing and shoes category, 103 retail brands are available. Kathmandu looks to be all in with Amazon, with 1008 SKUs up for sale via Amazon at launch. Next nearest is Puma with 357, followed by that iconic fashion label Harley Davidson with 327 SKUs.

Of the Sellers on the third party marketplace, pureplay shoe retailer Styletread has gone all in with 5,558 SKUs, which I suspect would make up a significant chunk of their inventory. Catch, who operates its own rival marketplace, also features as an Amazon seller with 2,125 SKUs.

Electronics Electronics Category Review

There are 99 electronics retailers available at launch with featured brands including HP, GoPro and LG.


There are 84 toy brands listed, with featured brands including Lego, Star Wars and Disney.

Using the Lego First Order Star Destroyer Playset pricing index, ($183.20) is undercutting Kmart ($199) by 8.6%.

More to come…

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  1. Tony Hosie says:

    for your info You Buy Online has over 13000 item at launch on Amazon Australia.

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