Click Frenzy Breaks E-Commerce Records in 2017

Australian-owned online shopping event, Click Frenzy, was exactly that as over 2.5 million shoppers turned the heat up on Australia’s internet capacity last week.

In total, 568 retailers and brands officially participated in Click Frenzy 2017,  smashing the previous year’s figure of 360, with consumers treated to deals as high as 99% off. Click Frenzy directly delivered more than 5.6 million clicks to Australian retail websites in a major stimulus for the local retail industry, backed by corporate partners including Australia Post, American Express and Afterpay.

“We knew we were in for a big one with the quality of our partners this year, but we are pumped to deliver such a big impact for Australian businesses,” says Click Frenzy co-founder Grant Arnott. “We’re thrilled that the homegrown Click Frenzy shines the spotlight on the local market, while international events like Black Friday and Singles Day just send consumer dollars overseas.”

Consumers responded to the increased scale of Click Frenzy in a huge way, with local retailers reporting extraordinary results from the 2.5 million Click Frenzy shoppers. According to data from online analytics firm Hitwise, Click Frenzy recorded nearly 1.7 million visits in the first five hours of kicking off, and over 800,000 for the remainder of the event. At 7.04pm, a record 102,000 concurrent users were recorded, with the Click Frenzy website running smoothly despite the extraordinary volume of shoppers.



The top-performing retailers on Click Frenzy this year, according to Hitworks, included:

  2. eBay
  3. Sony
  4. Myer
  5. Centre Com


“Click Frenzy is living up to its name! Myer is extremely happy with the customer response. Once again, we have seen customers strongly support this shopping event and the many great offers available,” Myer’s Chief Digital and Data Officer, Mark Cripsey told Power Retail just hours into the online shopping event.

According to data from Australia Post, 70 percent of e-commerce purchases are made with Australian retailers, dispelling the myth that more purchases are going to overseas retailers. That’s great news for local e-commerce businesses like, who saw sales last week go to a new level. 

“Click Frenzy was a true frenzy of shopping for us, and we actually broke our all-time records of sales and gross profits over the 24-hour day,” Gabby Leibovich, co-founder of Catch told Power Retail.

Disclosure: Click Frenzy Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of Global Marketplace Pty Ltd, the parent company of The Media Pad Pty Ltd, which publishes Power Retail. 


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