eBay, Kogan, Amazon: Which Marketplace do Aussies Prefer

April Davis By April Davis | 19 Jun 2018

New research suggests that online shopping in Australia is booming, led by the likes of eBay, Amazon, Gumtree and even Groupon, but which sites are the most popular and how many consumers are actually making a purchase?

The latest figures from Roy Morgan show that 70 percent of Australians (14 million people aged 14 and above) visit online shopping and auction sites on a monthly basis. However, of this 70 percent, Roy Morgan says that only 47 percent of users (9.5 million) actually make a purchase, while more than four million consumers are simply browsing, or shopping for entertainment.

“The gap between these figures shows there is a large cohort of well over four million Australians who visit online shopping websites led by eBay, Gumtree, Amazon, Kogan.com, Groupon, Catch, OzBargain and others who don’t follow through and make the purchase, Roy Morgan’s CEO, Michele Levine said.

“These online ‘window-shoppers’ represent a huge audience of Australians who are already living in the online world but haven’t taken the final plunge to purchase through the online shopping channels they know exist.

After conducting face-to-face interviews with 1,000 Australians each week (more than 50,000 over a 12-month period), the market researcher concluded that eBay is still the marketplace of choice for Australian consumers.

Roy Morgan research

More Australians reportedly visit eBay per month than any other online marketplace.

On average, 9.4 million Australian consumers visit eBay’s local site per month, followed by second-hand shopping site Gumtree at 5.6 million visitors and Amazon with 4.7 million average monthly visitors.

“Much has been made of US online giant Amazon’s new Australian-based website that launched late last year, but it is auction site eBay that is clearly the most popular online shopping site visited by Australians.

“However, Amazon’s decision to operate an Australian-based website means the world’s largest online retailer is sure to mount a serious challenge to eBay’s pre-eminent position amongst online shopping sites in Australia in the coming years,” Levine said.

This is something that could transpire sooner than expected, with Amazon’s recent release of Amazon Prime in Australia. eBay has also released its own membership program to rival the likes of Prime, but only time will tell which comes out on top.

Online Shopping by Gender

Roy Morgan’s recent research has also highlighted that the distribution in shoppers between genders on Australia’s most popular online marketplaces is fairly evenly distributed.

For instance, in an average four-week period, seven million women visited an online marketplace in the 12-months ending in March 2018, followed closely by 6.9 million men.

Interestingly enough, eBay actually received more male shoppers than female per month, as the e-tailer reportedly attracted nearly 4.9 million men per month and 4.5 million women.

However, some of the smaller online sites attract a significantly different consumer base, as men favour Kogan.com, while Catch and LivingSocial are more popular among women.

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