Ebay Pushes Giftware Strategy Launching “Under $20”

By Peter Krideras | 02 Mar 2018

In an effort to entice more shoppers onto its online marketplace, Ebay.com.au has launched ‘Under $20”, a curated list of items that cost less than $20 bucks.

As an extension to the launch of Find It On Ebay and Image Search tools, Under $20 is another way Ebay is trying to lure more online shoppers to its platform and further push its strategy to position itself as a giftware destination.

Ebay says its new offering involves “combining the best of its extensive range with smart technology to surface popular, affordable items to browse with one click”.

Ebay will offer its online customers over two million competitively-priced items, all under $20, across more than a dozen different categories with free shipping included. “Under $20 offers shoppers millions of all new and in-demand products in a convenient destination curating trending items in tech, apparel, fitness, beauty, home décor and more” the company wrote in an email to Power Retail.

“The Under $20 simple search experience surfaces great value products without the need to select a price filter. In a few simple clicks, shoppers can browse and purchase from a rotating assortment of products under $20, then enjoy free delivery of their items.”

To push out the launch of Ebay Under $20, Ebay says it will offer $10 off purchases from the Under $20 range for new Ebay members or existing eBay members who have not made a purchase on site over the past year.

With the launch of Amazon’s Marketplace in Australia expected to take flight with popularity amongst Australian customers, Ebay is currently still holding the dominant spot when it comes to our online retail market – and it isn’t looking to lose its position.

With the unveiling of several new offerings in the last year, including shopping via Google Home, ai-powered Find it on Ebay and Image Search and now Under 20, Ebay will likely continue to roll out new initiatives over the course of 2018 to fight for its market share.

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