eBay Marks App’s Fifth Anniversary with Niche Report

In the five years since eBay released its first mobile app, the mobile commerce space has grown rapidly. Today, people will even buy and sell while on the toilet as this study shows.

This week marked the fifth year since eBay launched its mobile application via Apple’s iTunes store in Australia. The virtual marketplace claims Australians have been the fastest to adopt the platform in the intervening time and have released a specialist report to mark the occasion.

Titled, eBay New Era of Mobile Report, the findings are based on consumer surveys of 1,000 individuals, performed by Galaxy Research. It finds that the majority (62 percent, in fact) of young Australians admit to having “shopaholic tendencies”, which it defines as “someone who can’t think of anything else until they have made a purchase, or someone who spends all of their time shopping”.

eBay app

eBay’s popular app for iOS is also available for other mobile devices.

It also predicts that this rate of change in consumer trends isn’t set to decelerate anytime soon, and that this is just the beginning of a new era in shopping as Australia’s online retail market continues to outpace the growth rates of more mature international homologues such as in the US and UK.

eBay Australia and New Zealand’s Director of Buyer Experience, Nicolette Maury believes that Australia is home to some of the savviest shoppers in the world and the eBay app places the marketplace in good stead to capitalise on this fact.

“Smartphones have become embedded in Australian culture, providing retailers with a huge opportunity to engage with customers 24 hours a day, anywhere and anytime,” Maury says. “eBay has invested heavily in the mobile platform so that our sellers don’t have to. We are continuing to innovate and personalise the consumer experience, allowing Australian retailers to tap into the huge revenue opportunity presented by mobile.

“In 2013, we predict that $20 billion worth of transactions will take place through the eBay app globally – 33 times more than the $600 million in 2009.”

Key Statistics from the Report:

  • 52 percent of people surveyed admitted to selling goods in order to fund a must-have purchase
  • This figure increased to 61 among those who have sold an item online in the past year
  • 37 percent of Australians will sell last season’s wardrobe online
  • Other items sacrificed for some extra cash include household furniture (22 percent) and mobile phones or laptops (22 percent), while only 8 percent indicated a willingness to sell their car or family heirlooms in this fashion
  • 26 percent of men had been inspired to shop while on the toilet versus just 18 percent of women

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