Local Pureplay Turns to Online Groceries

Australian deals and department-style pureplay retailer esold.com.au has announced the purchase of the online groceries site, offyourtrolley.

offyourtrolley was founded by entrepreneurs Stacey Carlon and Sarah Costin and first launched in early 2011. Since then, this online groceries site has been purchased twice, most recently by pureplay retailer esold.com.au.

The grocery website offers significant discounts on a range of products including food, liquor, personal and home care items. Founder of esold.com.au, Ben Stefanescu believes that the acquisition will complement his existing business, which so far focuses on whitegoods, toy and consumer electronic categories.

“Adding the offyourtrolley subscribers to our own has given us a major boost,” Stefanescu says. “The fact they already subscribe to offyourtrolley means they are predisposed to buying online and we are already seeing a lot of cross-selling between the two sites.”

For the founders of esold.com.au, offyourtrolley makes a welcome addition to their growing group of brands, which also includes daily deals site discounton.com.au. By honing in on these sections of the online market, the group hopes to capitalise on the expected future growth of online shopping.

Nielsen research shows that around 35 percent of Australians have purchased groceries in the past month, and with some analysts tipping the local online retail industry to reach up to $26.9 billion by 2016, offyourtrolley may prove to be a fruitful part of a larger online strategy.

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