Showpo Steps Into AI

Power Retail By Power Retail | 30 Oct 2017

Showpo has now undertaken artificial intelligence to enhance its marketing platform to increase revenue, improve customer engagement and sharpen its competitive edge.

Over the last eight months, women’s fashion online retailer Showpo has been focused on delivering highly targeted and personalised marketing campaigns using the Emarsys platform, which it says has boosted revenue.

Based on this success, Showpo has begun trialling additional Emarsys technologies to improve its consumer engagement and transform its website into a more personalised communication channel that is natively integrated into its omnichannel experience.

As a result of undertaking the new AI solutions, Showpo says it now has more personalised marketing capabilities, which puts its shoppers at the heart of its campaigns. Showpo’s marketing team are now able to focus more on dynamic and vibrant content and creative materials that make their marketing efforts even more effective.

As a result of these ongoing activities, the retailer says it has experienced overall revenue increase, less time spent on campaign production and manual segmentation, and an increase in overall customer satisfaction and engagement.

“It’s important to us as a business to communicate effectively with our customers, especially as we enter new markets and territories across the globe (Showpo currently sells in 50 countries), including the US, UK and Germany. It’s vital that the team is empowered to deliver personalised, relevant and engaging content to our customers at the right time,” explains Mark Baartse, chief marketing officer at Showpo.

Baarste adds that the company is excited to use the data it has gained in the last eight months to unlock personalised experiences on its website and roll out a truly integrated omnichannel experience for customers.

By targeting and treating Showpo’s website visitors differently with personalised content and offers, based on a clear understanding of their loyalty status through the CRM and real-time data, Showpo will be able to unlock the true value of its website.

Showpo is also trialling the use of Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey integration to gauge customer loyalty, from post-purchase and customer satisfaction surveys, then provide the insight to the customer support and marketing teams.

Insights derived from this data are leveraged to maximise interactions across the entire customer lifecycle, driving Showpo’s customer segmentation and further personalisation of individual campaigns.

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