When No Marketing is the Best Marketing – Papier’s Mother’s Day Opt-Out

Natasha Sholl By Natasha Sholl | 16 Apr 2019

For many, Mother’s Day is a difficult time of year for a wide variety of reasons. This brand gave its consumers the option to mute all marketing, validating their feelings and putting the customer first.

Papier’s latest email to its customers is making an impact. Free from the usual bright colours and perfectly curated images that would normally feature on the brand’s eDMs, this one was a simple, typed up email: Hi…., We hope you’re well. We’d like to know if you’d rather opt out of Mother’s Day reminders as we understand it can be a sensitive occasion for many people. If you like to opt out, click here and we’ll take care of it. We’ll still keep you in the loop with all other things Papier so you don’t miss out. Best wishes, Rachel Head of Customer Experience While Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Easter and every holiday in between can be fantastic sales events for retailers, for many consumers they are a minefield. A simple email about Mother’s Day can be triggering for many. “For some, Mother’s Day can be a difficult time of year, whether it’s a painful reminder of the loss of a loved one or highlights difficult family relationships,” says Sophie Agar, Brand & Marketing Director, Papier. Acknowledging that Mother’s Day is not always about gift-giving and good times, Papier made the decision to try something new. “Around this time of year, we are all bombarded with flowers and gifts everywhere, as well as hundreds of emails in our inboxes, so we wanted to be sensitive to any customers who might prefer to press ‘mute’ on Mother’s Day marketing,” Agar explains. “The initiative was led by our CRM team who wanted to ensure that we show customers care and support for those whom it is a difficult time,” Agar adds. “With a simple opt-out email, we’re able to segment subsequent Mother’s Day emails to those who want to hear about our gift ideas.” The decision to send the email was based on feedback the company had in the last few years from its customers. “We first did it to our UK customers and after the overwhelming response we decided to also implement it in Australia and the US,” Agar told Power Retail. “We try to keep our customers at the heart of every decision we make.” The response to the email has been overwhelmingly positive. “We really didn’t expect such a huge response – when we first sent this out to our UK customers we had over 110 replies from customers and even people calling in to say how thoughtful and kind it was,” Agar told us. “It’s great to see that it was received so positively with lots saying it made them love us even more. I think it’s something really impactful that small and big brands can be doing for their customers. A temporary opt-out is a small way of  making a difference and we hope to be setting a trend other retailers can follow too.” The email was sent to Australian customers last Friday and the company has already received grateful replies from customers. One commenter on Facebook who shared the original email said that she cried when she first received it. “An email giving this option so that I didn’t need to see all the stuff that upsets me….Normally come Mother’s Day I start unsubscribing if I am flooded with emails about it but can say that Papier won’t be one that I do this to,” she wrote. Papier will also allow customers to opt out of email reminders for Father’s Day. Never miss our best stories. Sign up for Power Retail’s free weekly newsletter and find our daily stories on FacebookTwitterand LinkedIn.

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