Q&A: Wefulfil Founder and CEO Still Zhu

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Power Retail spoke to Wefulfil founder and CEO Still Zhu about dropshipping, marketplace selling, and the keys to differentiation.

Tell me about Wefulfil, how does the process work?

Wefulfil is an Australia and China Based Supply Chain company. Our focus is providing supply chain solution including product offering, sourcing and dropshipping for online retailers in Australia. 

Our clients choose how involved they are in the process. For example, people selling general product will prefer to sell our ready to go stock whereas people running more niche product are more likely to use our china sourcing and dropship service.

We know the global dropshipping market was worth $249.16 billion USD in 2023. Dropshipping is a huge market, do you see this only getting bigger? What do you say to reports that the boom is over?

I think it could get even bigger as the ecommerce industry is still growing. Whats interesting is the markets that the dropshipping order will grow. Marketplaces, Shopify, Facebook and Tiktok all have huge potential. 

Of course if you are only selling on marketplaces by dropshipping, you get no chance to grow – unless you are getting someone to dropship your own stock only.

But if you are running a niche product business and you wanna to scale bigger and keep your operating margin, you need to get a dropshipping supplier or fulfilment supplier because you can focus on scaling only when you don’t need to worry about supply chain management.

Tiktok is definitely a place where we will see this market growing fast. It is not a place where you buy functional products you need to use right away, its a place you buy products due to an emotional response from a video or influencer. The value of emotion is how TikTok is becoming so successful as a selling channel.

How about in Australia specifically, what is the demand like? How can new sellers make it in this market?

In Australia, dropshipping will absolutely keep growing. Australia is not a market with a very mature supply chain and that comes with some challenges. Unless they have a big team, online retailers will struggle to scale if they have to manage the full supply chain management on their own.

The growing ecommerce industry gives more chances for everyone to own a business. But new online resellers need to following key elements to get an edge on the competition:

  • High-Cost Effectiveness
  • Differentiation
  • Brandification
  • Localisation

Australian online retailers selling on marketplaces need to sell on their own branded products (white/private labeling), bring that stock to Australian warehouses, and  fulfil from Australia.

This is the best way to avoid duplication competition in the market while offering local shipping experiences and is the preferred approach by big marketplace operators. 

For sellers running niche product on sites like Shopify – and the future TikTok Shop Australia sellers, they need to really research their product to keep up with trends and achieve differentiation in the market. They need to have a strong supply chain management system to monitor and support scaling. 

With such competition in the market, how does WeFulfil stand out? What are you doing differently to other providers and what exclusive benefits do retailers have working with you?

Wefulfil is not just your typical dropshipping company who only offer a variety of products to sell. We are working as a supply chain provider that supports retailers sourcing from China. 

Retailers who work with us to dropship from China will get support with buying stock, warehousing in China, and 5-8 days shipping from there. 

Retailers dropshipping out of Australia also get support in buying stock, and the shipping of that stock into the country (including customs clearance), warehousing in Australia, and local shipping. 

Based on our Chinese and Autralian background, Wefulfil can help with full supply chain monitoring from China sourcing, to fulfilment and scaling with differentiation. With sourcing agents, warehousing, fast shipping experiences, inventory monitoring, retailers can keep finding and testing ideas, they can make the best use of their cash flow and easier sales scaling, they don’t have to pack and ship themselves, and most importantly they can improve on their customer buying experience. 

As an established brand with over eight years of operation in Australia, what does the next eight years look like?

Wefulfil will make ourselves to be a completely S2B2C platform for Australian online retailers. Our goal is to help over 500 small to medium online retailers in Australia to grow at least 1000 fresh new ecommerce brands in the market.

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