Q&A with Bevilles: Remaining Competitive in 2019 and Beyond

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We go behind the scenes with Bevilles to learn about new marketplace launches, the truth about FBA, the changing consumer, and some staggering stats on mobile.

We sat down with Rachel Eade, Bevilles Digital Marketing Manager and Alana Fennessy, Head of Client Engagement, APAC ChannelAdvisor to discuss how multichannel retailers need to strategise to remain competitive in 2019 and beyond.

Here are some of the highlights of this open and fascinating discussion. You can take a look at the full recorded webinar here.

Marketplaces and staying agile

“There has definitely been an increase in omnichannel,” Eade explains. “When I started at Bevilles we were just selling through our e-commerce store and obviously through our retail stores as well. We were also selling on eBay and had been for a number of years but we have since introduced a number of marketplaces and we find that probably about 20 percent of our sales come through marketplaces now.”

That 20 percent is incremental, meaning these are all new customers that haven’t previously purchased through Bevilles, which makes it an even more staggering figure.

Bevilles recently launched on MyDeal and has a presence on other domestic marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon and Catch.

Bevilles doesn’t sell internationally from its site, but does have plans sell to New Zealand with The Marketplace when it launches. It’s believed this will be some time mid-year. This will mix things up in the NZ marketplace space which is now largely dominated by TradeMe.

Eade’s Advice to retailers: “Do your research. Find out which marketplaces work for your industry. And definitely find a partner to help you out. It’s not easy to do it yourself.”

“It can be very time consuming. Working with a partner that can understand all the different marketplaces, shipping requirements and so forth,” Eade said. “It’s also about building relationships with those marketplaces directly.”

Eade also explained it’s vital to maintain your reputation on each marketplace. “Account health is so important on marketplaces,” Fennessy agreed.

Eade and Fennessy also discussed how important it is to know your customer on each marketplaces. This may change over time, so trial and error is always vital.

The Changing Consumer

“I think that previously customers would just go in-store or to a website…now with all these marketplaces, customers are told about sales they weren’t previously told about before,” Eade explained

Eade also revealed that around 60 percent of sales are now via mobile. Traffic is about 65 to 70 percent on mobile which makes the sales figure and conversion rate extremely impressive

“Our customers love mobile. They love to browse on mobile….we know our customers go in store and compare prices in mobile.”

Bevilles has been doing a lot of work on mobile conversion recently, including A/B testing this last month. They’ve also been showing products bigger than ever and making the buttons more prominent.

For Bevilles, it’s about truly understanding its consumer, knowing its demographic and understanding how it purchases (often researching online and then wanting to ‘touch and feel’ in-store). Eade also told us about its ‘Click and Reserve’ initiative. This is similar to Buy Online, Purchase Instore or Click and Collect, but it doesn’t require consumers to purchase the product online prior to coming in to a particular store to check out their ‘reserved’ item. This works well for Bevilles, driving consumers in store as well as building goodwill.

During this webinar we also chatted about the next disruptor, the future of voice, and how future generations will connect with retailers and technology. For more on how Bevilles approaches digital marketing including SEO, social, and email marketing, as well as other in-depth insights, take a look at our webinar here.

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