Quantium Solutions: Creating Brand-Friendly Packaging without Damaging the Earth

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In today's climate, a brand has to be conscious of the footprint it's creating with its products. From re-usable goods to biodegradable packaging, there are a lot of ways that a company can make a difference.

Quantium Solutions has introduced two new automated machines that support recyclable, compostable and biodegradable packaging in Australia. The two devices include a Bubble Wrap and Carton Wrap 1000 machines.

“[We’re] proud to announce the completion of commissioning of two new automated packaging machines in their Minto NSW facility to support the ever-growing e-commerce fulfilment market,” explained a spokesperson for Quantium Solutions.

“The Bubble Wrap machine has been commissioned to support the making of Satchels using Biodegradable, Compostable, and Bubble film. The machine folds the film over the e-commerce order to form a fixed-width satchel that is made to the length of the item, avoiding the waste of oversize satchels, or the need to pre-order fixed size satchels to support the fulfilment requirements.”

Many companies have begun feeding sustainable packaging into their strategies – companies like Spell Design, Adore Beauty and Mecca provide earth-friendly packaging for their customers without sacrificing the quality of the products or the delivery time.

“The Carton Wrap 1000 Machine has been commissioned to support the making of fit to size corrugated cardboard Cartons. This machine makes the cartons to the specific size of the items of the eCommerce order, reducing the excess cardboard and packaging requirements of fixed size premanufactured cardboard cartons. The cardboard is recyclable by the end-user, and all offcuts produced during the carton making process are recycled through our recycling partner,” the spokesperson continued.

Quantium Solutions is headquartered in Singapore and provide established e-commerce logistics services provider in the APAC Region, offering a fully integrated and scalable end-to-end logistics solution. “The investment by Quantium Solutions in this technology places our organisation in a strong position to meet the demanding requirements of the e-commerce Fulfilment market of our very special customer base,” the spokesperson said.

According to a study from Dotcom Distribution, most online shoppers (62 per cent), especially younger consumers, prefer brands with sustainable packing materials. Seventy-four per cent of those shoppers is aged 18-29, the report states. With this in mind, it’s essential to consider the way a package is designed to maximise customer experience. In the study from Dotcom Distribution, 45 per cent said that gift-like packaging makes brands seem ‘more upscale’, and 49 per cent wish to see a ‘giveaway’ in their delivery. An example of a brand that delivers this along with sustainable packaging includes Adore Beauty and Mecca.

Where do retailers go from here?

Using sustainable packaging is an essential aspect of creating a resourceful and exciting customer experience for a brand’s audience. Using Quantium Solutions’ packaging machines, brands can continue to deliver high-quality packaging without doing further damage to the environment.

Find out more about Quantium Solutions by checking out their website.

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