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E-commerce platform, is quietly sinking into oblivion, with its tiny website pop-up announcing its closure the only sign that the rarely visited site will cease to operate by the end of July. has added a small pop-up window on its website notifying both buyers and sellers that it is shutting down.

“PLEASE NOTE – is shutting down. Quicksales will continue to operate until July 30th, 2018. We encourage you to collect any transactional and customer data prior to the 30th as it will be inaccessible beyond this date.”

What’s caused this e-tailer to quietly slink away from the online realm? One user on’s general discussion posed the question, and it seems people are hardly sympathetic for the failed digital venture.

Quicksales closing down

Quicksales announces it’s closing down.

“So I got an email from Quicksales saying they were finally giving up and shutting down at the end of July,” the user wrote in the forum. “I guess having a seller to buyer ratio of approximately 1,000,000:1 doesn’t make for a sustainable business.”

According to the post, the user had sold an item on the platform once years ago, but it had been on there for so long by the time the sale happened, they had forgotten about the listing altogether.

“I did find it and mail it, the lousy bugger never did leave me any feedback.”

Commenters were just as brutal with their feedback, with Super Kami Dendi saying they would never have realised the site was closing if it hadn’t have been mentioned in the forum.

“I had a few items up once upon a time, but after two years and still no buyers… People give eBay a hard time because of their fees, but hey, at least I actually sell something every other day,” Dendi wrote.

Self-proclaimed as “Melbourne’s best local marketplace” the Australian-owned and operated business is part of the Carsales network. The business originally traded as until 2010, when it was purchased by Carsales and taken under the online car dealership’s wing. You can read all about the company’s history and transition from to Quicksales in the company’s blog.

Essentially, the local online marketplace was founded on the principle of giving sellers the highest return possible by keeping fees low. In fact, in 2013 it abolished standard listing fees in a bid to attract disgruntled eBay and Gumtree sellers. The company’s General Manager at the time, James Curtain, told Power Retail that listings were only one source of revenue for the business.

“The final value transaction fee was only one of several means of generating revenue,” he said. “Quicksales also offers display and listing upgrades for sellers that want to gain added visibility. We also have our Q Shop offering, which gives sellers a virtual shopfront on Quicksales for as little as $5 per month.”

It’s unclear what has led to the e-commerce platforms decision to exit the market, but low customer appeal and as a result, a lack of interest and revenue from sellers, as well as very limited marketing activity, is likely the cause.

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