E-Commerce Time Machine: Kmart

Power Retail By Power Retail | 01 Feb 2021

Aussie retailer, Kmart, has developed a cult following of mums, stylists and everyone in between. This iconic retailer has dominated the affordable retail scene and has become one of the most loved retailers amongst Aussies. How has its online offering changed over the years? See how far it has come in the E-Commerce Time Machine.

From Kmart mums to avid online shoppers, Kmart has led the way for Australian retail online and in-store. The brand, which was founded in 1969, it has undergone massive transformations for its product offering, customer experience and cult following. How has its e-commerce offering transformed since the late ’90s, and what have been some of its biggest changes? Check out the visual history of Kmart with the e-commerce time machine.

Kmart | 1999

via Wayback Machine

Kmart | 2003

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Kmart | 2005

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Kmart | 2008

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Kmart | 2011

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Kmart | 2014

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Kmart | 2017

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Kmart | TODAY

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