Reebok’s Digital Overhaul

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Reebok has realised its time to get a move on, introducing a new loyalty program with a difference, in line with its digital evolution.

Reebok has added another piece to its digital enhancement puzzle with Reebok Unlocked. The tiered membership program offers free shipping and returns, VIP perks, events and training sessions.

Unlike many loyalty programs, it is not based on spend alone. “There are points associated with dollars spent, but there are also points associated with social interaction, with account creation and enrichment, event interaction, et cetera,” said Matt Blonder, Global Head of Digital, Reebok.

It aims to build customer relationships through shareability and social interactions, reviews and engagement. Customers therefore become influencers for the brand, increasing awareness and conversions. In this way, the value-based program doesn’t value merely dollars spent, but the value that consumers bring to shaping the brand.

Of course, like any rewards program, data is a driving factor. Reebok will be able to build data to not just personalise loyalty offers but also to inform future product releases. Blonder said that there has been a 30 percent increase in digital staff over the past year in line with the company’s evolution. Reebok has announced it will launch a revamped website later this month.

While it’s an impressive step forward, it is still a game of catch-up for Reebok. Looking at other companies in the space (Nike, Under Armour, Lululemon….pretty much any big-name sporting brand actually!) loyalty programs, digital advancements, experiential marketing and other e-commerce initiatives have been part of the strategy for years. Does Reebok have the style and speed to keep pace with the pack? Only time will tell.

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