Mobile Now Accounts for Over One Third of SMB Online Retail Traffic

Recent data from Australian hosted e-commerce solutions provider, eCorner, shows SMBs now service over one third of all online traffic via mobile devices.

New figures have been today released by Australian-based hosted online stores firm, eCorner, which lifts the lid on some growing trends among local small to medium online retail businesses.

eCorner compiles data from its clients on a monthly basis, pooling data from a sample of around 300 SMBs. In this case, a new infographic has been created based on the findings from a sample size of 277 online retailers in July this year. All respondents are current retailers and data was collated across a range of online retail subjects.

John Debrincat, CEO of eCorner, says the information presented focusses on percentages and trending information, as opposed to actual order values.

“However,” he notes, “the total order value was over $2 million from our sample data set in July. Other than that, what surprised us the most was the significant percentage of mobile visitors and corresponding transactions.”

The research shows that as many as 34 percent of all traffic to these retailers came via mobile devices. Other results include basket analysis, browser usage,  shipping costs and payment methods.

eCorner infographic

eCorner’s Australian Small Business Online Retail Infographic.

For the dynamic web-version of this infographic, you can view it here.

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