Tablet Shoppers are More Likely to Purchase Online – Study

Adobe has released its State of Mobile Benchmark Report this week, with specific interest for online retailers, as tablet shoppers are revealed to be more likely to buy online.

The Adobe Digital Index released its latest State of Mobile Benchmark Report this week, which collates data from 150 billion visits to over 1,500 websites in order to provide insights into consumer mobile usage trends globally.

In particular, the study reveals trends in social media, video content consumption and e-commerce over the past 12 months. Of specific interest for retailers is the increasing use of tablets to make purchasing online.

The report shows that online shoppers are three times more likely to make a purchase on a tablet compared with smartphones. It also finds that retail websites receive the most tablet traffic, followed by auto, travel and hospitality sites. By comparison, smartphone users tend to frequent service provider and media websites more often.

Admittedly, smartphone usage when it comes to making purchases online is often harder to track, particularly as many users may start researching via this platform before moving to a tablet. Nevertheless, the research reveals that most consumers feel more comfortable completing their purchases via tablets.

Consumers prefer tablets for online shopping.

Adobe’s State of Mobile Benchmark Report.

Other Highlights of the Report:

  • Apple’s iOS is still the most used mobile platform, accounting for 49% of smartphone searches and browsing in the US, followed by Android at 45%
  • Android and iOS account for almost 90% of smartphone searches in all six countries that Adobe observed in the study
  • UK internet browsers are most likely to use both tablets and smartphones, compared with all other countries in the study

Adobe’s State of Mobile Benchmark report will certainly provide brands and marketers a great deal of insight into how consumers are using the internet today. However, due to the fragmented nature of devices and platforms available, the argument for a responsive design interface is reinforced.

As we have already witnessed in the case of OzSale’s mobile conversions reaching 50 percent of its total sales, there is clearly a large market in Australia using these devices, and consumers are definitely confident of purchasing in this medium.

What’s your experience with mobile optimisation? Have you had success by developing an optimised site or app? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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