Top 100 Online Retailers of 2014 Announced in E-Commerce Leaders’ Playbook

Power Retail By Power Retail | 25 Mar 2014

That’s right, the latest E-Commerce Leaders’ Playbook has arrived. Featuring the Top 100 online retailers of 2014, benchmarking study results, case profiles and more.

Each year, Power Retail presents the best of the online retail industry in our annual almanac, The E-Commerce Leaders’ Playbook. In 2014, we’ve included more data, more detail and the biggest ranking of Australian online and multichannel retailers to date.

The Top 100 features a full-blown ranking of all the key players operating in the local industry, including key statistics and miniature business profiles to complete the picture.

Is your business featured in our Top 100 list? Finding out may be a good enough reason to purchase the title, but even without it we’re confident that the sheer volume editorial and insights from leading experts will keep your eyes glued to the page.

With 260 pages, this isn’t just another retail magazine – it’s your guide to Australian online retail.

Buy our E-Commerce Leaders’ Playbook now and have it within days. Free shipping on all orders within Australia.

While we’re on the topic, our next print publication is just around the corner. Featuring a Top 10 E-Commerce Marketing list, now’s the time to nominate your brand’s best campaign for a chance to appear.


4 thoughts on “Top 100 Online Retailers of 2014 Announced in E-Commerce Leaders’ Playbook”

  1. moonyeen says:

    Hi You guys just committed the biggest crime in on-line retail. I had to click 3 times to get to the book, not stated in the headings or first pages- just playbook. No first 100 or even the 100th one……

    1. It’s a good point. The good news is we are currently seeking to redesign our shop and checkout facilities to improve the experience. However, we value your feedback at any time – keep it coming!

  2. kumar raj says:

    Do you have soft copies for download? Also are you shipping internationally?

    1. Hi Raj,

      Yes we do ship internationally and I’ve sent your details on to our fulfilment team to follow up on this for you.

      As for soft copies; we’re not currently offering our print publications in this format.

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