Resource Library

Learning Resources

After more than a decade as a thought leader in Australian online retailing, Power Retail has built a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Our Learning Resources include more than 50 Whitepapers, Special Reports, E-Commerce Books, Website Best Practice Guides and Tip Sheets. Whether you’re optimising your website to drive conversion, developing a digital marketing strategy or investing in a new e-commerce platform, our Learning Resources have got you covered.

Retail Insights

Power Retail market research covers a broad range of key topics impacting online retail in Australia. Based on interviews with our panel of more than 1 million Australian shoppers and 12,500 retailers and industry suppliers, our monthly Reports provide the insights you need to drive e-commerce growth and profit. Content includes:

  • Buy Now, Pay Later: Fad or Future?
  • Discounting:
  • Delivery:
  • Amazon Australia:
  • Influencers:
  • The E-Commerce Leaders Playbook (including the Power Retail Top 100 Online Retailers)
  • 2019 Quarterly Review

Retailer Performance Rankings

The Retailer Performance Rankings were developed by Power Retail to assess the performance of Aussie online retailers based on more than 30 metrics. Building on Power Retail’s own proprietary, the Rankings are updated weekly, allowing users to contrast the performance of their online retail business with their competitors and the broader online retail industry.

Shopper Profiles

Each profile includes 50+ charts describing the online shoppers needs, behaviours and attitudes. Online Shopper Profiles available or coming up soon include:

  • Fast Fashion
  • Homewares
  • Health & Beauty Products
  • Small Technology and Devices
  • Luxury Fashion and Accessories