Retail Global Fundraising Win for Haiti

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By Published On: May 30, 20180 Comments

Last week saw the 12th annual Retail Global Conference up on the Gold Coast. As with most years, their gala charity ball was the highlight of the three-day conference, raising enough funds to finalise the Retail ROI hospital build in Haiti.

Last week, for three days, retailers and service providers alike gathered on the Gold Coast for the Retail Global Gold Coast conference.  The third night of the conference saw the seventh, annual gala charity ball being held at the Gold Coast Convention Centre. This year’s event went to the next level, with the e-commerce community digging deep to raise over $150,000 for a hospital that newly registered Australian charity Retail ROI are helping to build in Haiti.

Phil Leahy, Retail Global CEO sat down with Power Retail’s Grant Arnott at the conference to discuss what this money will mean. “We helped finish building a hospital last night which will service 10,000 people,” Mr Leahy stated, and for any company this is no small feat.

Mr Leahy said that the fundraiser far out-weighed the company’s expectations. “We were aiming to raise $80,000 so we could finish that hospital, and we ended up with $150,000 so we’re going to add a building of seven new houses,” he said. This part of the conference is what Mr. Leahy refers to as the “magical part”, where the e-commerce community can give back and walk away feeling good about themselves.

Mr Leahy also discussed the importance of being able to give back and what this can mean for businesses, saying, “I think the more we do, the more we get back.”

The benefits on the Haiti community that this hospital will bring will be keenly felt, and it is all thanks to Retail Global and the e-commerce community.


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