Only 37.6% of Retailers Offer Click and Collect

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According to new research, less than half of retailers in the global market are offering essential omnichannel services, like click and collect.

OrderDynamics has released the results of its latest study, The Omni-2000 Research: Global, revealing that retailers are missing out on the opportunities provided by the cross-channel retail market.
Data has been collected from more than 2,000 retailers in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Austria. According to the order management company’s findings, 69 percent of consumers have tried omnichannel service offerings before and would like to again, but an alarming amount of retailers aren’t equipped to offer these services.
In fact, of the 2,000 retailers surveyed only 37.6 percent currently offer click and collect services, while only 34.8 percent commit to having orders ready for shipping within 24-hours.
The UK is currently leading the way when it comes to click and collect, with 64 percent of retailers offering the service, but of those who do offer omnichannel services like click and collect, only 57.1 percent actively promote the service on their website’s home page.
When it comes to online returns, more retailers are taking advantage of omnichannel customer service solutions, with 72.6 percent of retailers offering buy online, return in-store options.
Mobile site optimisation, however, is an industry-wide issue according to the report, with only 11.4 percent of merchants having a website that’s been optimised for mobile commerce. This is surprising considering 58.9 percent of global e-commerce sales are made on a mobile device.
According to Nick McLean, the CEO of OrderDynamics, better consumer education is needed if retailers want to take advantage of the growing cross-channel market.
“To increase sales and retain customers, omnichannel retailers today need to provide customers with clarity,” he said. “Whether it’s low stock visibility or general service awareness about cross-channel fulfilment, these are opportunities to get closer to what drives customer demand.”
Global retailers, like H&M, however, are moving to take advantage of consumer demand in the cross-channel space, with the fast fashion retailer dedicating $20 million towards frictionless mobile payments, try before you buy pay later options and better post-purchase services.
Looking a little closer to home, bedding and homewares retailer, Adairs, has also outlined its intentions to improve its omnichannel customer experience, after its FY18 results revealed that customers who shop across both its digital and in-store channel, on average, spend more over the course of the financial year.
The company has said that merging its online and offline offerings will be a “key engagement channel” for the business moving forward.
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