Savers to Open Sydney Thrift Store

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Iconic global thrift store Savers is taking on NSW, revealing plans to open a store in Hoxton Park next month.

Savers is gearing up to open its 13th Australian store. Opening in Hoxton Park, NSW on Thursday 30 May, the new second-hand offering will meet the growing consumer demand for sustainable and affordable items.

With a floor space of 1,590 square metres, the store will stock more than 100,000 pre-loved items across clothing, accessories, home goods, and more, with over 25,000 one-of-a-kind finds arriving weekly.

“I’m pleased to confirm that the rumours are true – Savers will soon be bringing our famous Thrift Proud™ offering to Sydney shoppers,” said Michael Fisher, Managing Director at Savers Australia. “At a time when the cost of living and demand for sustainable shopping solutions are surging, now is the right time for Savers to expand into New South Wales.”

“Along with our global credentials, our 25 years of operating in Australia have shown that we are a trusted retail destination for value-conscious consumers and a key contributor to the circular economy.”

Savers says the expansion into New South Wales will create over 100 new job opportunities in Sydney this year, designed for individuals passionate about making secondhand, second nature.

“We are excited to invite Sydney shoppers to join us in our Thrift Proud™ movement and experience the joy of thrift shopping for the good of hip pockets, the planet, and our ongoing partnerships with our local charity partners,” Mr Fisher added.

Savers accepts all donations on behalf of a not-for-profit partner helping them fund programs in the local community, reinforcing its dedication to making a positive impact in the communities it serves.

The global second hand market is thriving as sustainability minded customers turn to preloved fashion as an alternative to unethical fast fashion. As the cost of living continues to rise, many shoppers are turning to thrifting for affordability.

Thredup’s 2024 Resale Market and Consumer Trend Report has revealed that By 2028, the global secondhand clothing market will reach $350 billion, growing at three times the speed of the overall global apparel market. 

The report found that on average, consumers plan to purchase seven percent less apparel at full price than in 2023, with 55 percent of consumers saying if the economy doesn’t improve, they’ll spend an even higher proportion of their apparel budget on secondhand. Fifty-two percent of consumers shopped secondhand apparel in 2023, the number is even higher among Gen Z and Millennial shoppers (65 percent). 

Savers is a huge proponent for textile waste reduction through resale. In the last year alone, the thrifting giant has diverted over 7.5 million kilograms of textile waste from landfills in Australia. 

New South Wales’ first Savers store will be opening in Hoxton Park, Prestons on Thursday 30 May.

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