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Seven Ecommerce Professionals Share Insights, Advice and Tips for Success

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By Published On: December 4, 20232 Comments

Season two of Power Retail Power Talks (sponsored by YouPay) has wrapped up and I've compiled key takeaways and insights from each of our seven guests.

With the second season of the Power Talks Podcast wrapped up, we’ve compiled insights from each episode from a host of ecommerce leaders and professionals.

We have officially wrapped up season two of the Power Talks Podcast (Sponsored by YouPay) in which I engage in bite-sized discussions with industry leaders and professionals as they share their exclusive insights into the dynamic world of ecommerce. 

I spoke to a variety of brilliant ecommerce leaders and professionals and learnt so much from their insights and expertise and their journeys.

Here I’ve compiled one unique and valuable insight from each episode.

Episode One: Davie Fogarty – CEO / The Oodie

Kicking off season two, I sat down with Davie Fogarty, the founder, and CEO of The Oodie, Shark Tank judge, YouTube Star, and AFR Young Rich Lister.

Davie shared a wealth of insights, tips, and advice with our listeners. One thing that stood out to me was his advice for self starting an ecommerce business. 

“Analysing your market is so important in the early stages, simply because you need to understand the competitive landscape so that you can understand both how much you can charge for your product,” he told me. 

“Really diving into customers of those products, giving them a call, you know, finding people in your life that already use an existing product and asking them, what are their main issues with it, and how can this be improved?”

“People thought I had this secret formula. But the truth was I just got really really lucky with the product selection and it was in wide demand and that really accelerated my learning through positive feedback with positive lessons.”

You can find more of Davie’s tips and tricks here: Spotify | Apple Podcasts

Episode Two: Owen Bolwell – Global Ecommerce Transformation Lead / Total Beauty Network

Owen Bolwell is an advisor to high-growth Australian Retail Brands, and he has a wealth of experience and insights into the ecommerce realm. I asked him what he thought were the biggest challenges for ecommerce businesses right now. 

The first issue he identified is tracking conversions. With updated privacy settings, software updates and cookie expirations, Owen told me even the experts are pulling their hair out trying to make sense of the data. Another major challenge he says all retailers are dealing with is hidden costs. From shipping fees to general operation costs, his advice is to dig deeper into your costs and optimise them where possible.

Find out what Owen suggests you can do to overcome these challenges here: Spotify | Apple Podcasts

Episode Three:Rosie McFarlane – Head Of Loyalty / MECCA

We spoke about Mecca’s award winning Beauty Loop loyalty program and Rosie told me that at Mecca, they are always keeping the customer front of mind, asking themselves: Are we a brand offering something that customers kind of genuinely desire, genuinely love over all else? Do they come to Mecca to discover? And do they come to Mecca to kind of be saved, as it were , from a mediocre customer experience, and ultimately pick this retailer over all others?

“At Mecca, we’re really committed to truly making sure our customer is loyal to us,” Rosie told me as she dove deeper into their approach as a brand and what it takes to truly build loyalty.

You can find out how they do it in Rosie’s episode here: Spotify | Apple Podcasts

Episode Four: Samuel Wood – CEO & Co-Founder / Azura Fashion Group

Sam told me all about Azura’s origin story, its circularity and sustainability journey, and how it’s tackling global market challenges. Artificial Intelligence has been at the core of the business since its launch and I thought Azura’s early adoption of AI and its impact on the business was really intriguing. 

“Things that used to take us six months to kind of map through certain attributes and meta fields now takes us a matter of hours,” he told me. “So we can actually pull everything together, or even turn on a new supplier or a new retailer in days rather than how it used to take months.”

Find out how Azura is using AI to optimise and develop operations here: Spotify | Apple Podcasts

Episode Five: Samantha Gopal – Senior Product Manager – Digital / Bunnings Warehouse

In this episode, we spoke mentorship and career growth, and the importance of mental wellbeing support in the workplace, a key theme that emerged this season.

Sam told me about an initiative at Bunnings that bought together female leaders that talked about diversity, inclusion around their own career journeys, Advice on how to stay open to opportunities and, and being ok with failure as well.

She learnt that that failure isn’t always a bad thing.

“I have quite high expectations of myself currently and, and I think sometimes even bordering into unrealistic so trying to let go of some of those being a little bit kinder to myself a bit more patient and and not saying yes to everyone at the detriment of myself.  And that’s both work and personally, but, now I often say, yeah, I can do that and then it actually has a knock on impact.”

Samantha delves into more of her learnings and tips here: Spotify | Apple Podcasts

Episode Six: Carl Hartmann – Co-Founder / Lyre’s Spirit Co

I find the community Lyre’s has built around its non-alcoholic spirits so interesting, especially considering the brand launched, and globally expanded throughout the Covid era. We spoke about how Lyre’s used its digital platform to build a community, and how it went from an idea of running Zoom cocktail master classes to keep everyone employed and give them something to do, to an engaged and authentic community with such high brand advocacy.

“We’re all about just how do we ultimately change the way the world drinks?” Carl told me.

He shared some fantastic insights into the community that Lyre’s and its customers have built and some valuable insights into tackling global expansion here: Spotify | Apple Podcasts

Episode Seven: Sera Volau – Ecommerce Product Manager – Kookai

Kookai launched click and collect earlier this year, and we spoke about the challenges of really evolving and optimising the omnichannel experience. Sera stressed the importance of meeting your audience where they are and really capturing them at the perfect intervention point through a tailored experience.

“Customers are starting that experience with us, whether that’s through our social channels or through our website and then going into store,” Sera told me.

“From a fashion retailer point of view and the demographic that we serve, its really where that digital experience is so crucial. Whether that’s socials or your direct channels where the customer begins their interaction with you – that experience is just so crucial to whether they are transacting in store or online.”

You can find out what challenges and opportunities come from that here: Spotify | Apple Podcasts

You can find all these fantastic episodes and find out more about Power Talks here.


About the Author: Rosalea Catterson

Rosalea is the Editor of Power Retail. With a keen interest in consumer behaviour and tech, she covers everything ecommerce and hosts the Power Retail Power Talks Podcast.

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