Seven Last Minute Mother’s Day Conversion Hacks

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Australian shoppers love to splash out on their mums with lavish gifts, but most shoppers are caught off guard and will research and purchase their presents the week before Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day manages to creep up on us every year, but that doesn’t stop us from spoiling our mums across Australia. Just three days before the big day, flower and gift sales will grow by 1200 per cent and collectively we’ll spend a staggering AUD$1.3 billion.

It’s prime shopping time right now, so we’ve put together seven must-try hacks that will make life easier for your customers in the frantic last few days before Mother’s Day.

Convenience is key

If you have too much friction in your customers purchasing journey, your customers are biologically programmed to switch off and seek out a new retailer that’s easier to purchase from.

If you’ve read Donald Miller’s Building a Brand Story, then you’ll know that making your customers put in work to get what you’re selling is one of the biggest e-commerce faux pas you can commit. 

Make it easy for customers to shop from you this Mother’s Day by removing all the friction from their purchase journey. You should try:

Offering a seamless checkout experience

One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to providing a seamless checkout experience is making your customers go through the whole process before being able to view shipping details.

Only four per cent of your website visitors will complete a purchase. This is because most customers go into shock when they view the shipping quote. Promote your shipping options on your homepage and on your product pages to avoid mass checkout exodus this Mother’s Day. Read more here.

Combining billing and shipping information

49 per cent of shoppers want convenience when it comes to ordering online, and many retailers overlook the importance of payment and shipping details. Think about it. If most customers are shopping on their phone, the last thing they want to do is find their wallet and then manually input credit card information.

Many payment gateways today offer customisable features including automatically filling address details through the payment provider. If you’re not currently offering this, there’s no better time than now.

No one ever said no to a good deal

17 per cent of shoppers actively seek out the best deal on Mother’s Day, and although they’re willing to splash out AUD$53 on average per order, that doesn’t mean they’re not interested in snagging a bargain along the way. Offer your customers a limited time Mother’s Day discount they can’t say no to. You can thank us later.

A little personalisation goes a long way

If you can’t beat your competitors on price, beat them with better personalisation by giving your customers the opportunity to write personalised messages with their Mother’s Day gift. Cover all the bases with a little free gift wrapping and you’re in with a winner.

Love is where the phone is

Mobile devices bring in a whopping 50 per cent of retail sales, so it’s never been easier to advertise where your customers spend most of their time. The average person spends over four hours pinned to their smartphone screen, checking for new notifications as much as 150 times a day.

If you’re looking to convert more customers for last minute Mother’s Day sales, make sure your store is mobile responsive and provides a seamless checkout experience. Over 62 per cent of customers won’t shop from retailers who provide negative mobile experiences, so make sure you show your customers big love on small screens.

Delivery matters

51 per cent of shoppers admit to trying different online delivery services to spoil their mum because they genuinely want the best. Delivery services offer convenience, but they also offer risk if they can’t deliver on time.

Your loyal customers will keep shopping from you, but there is a huge opportunity for you to bring in last-minute sales with convenient online delivery options. Given Mother’s Day takes place on a Sunday, offering delivery time slots after hours and on Saturday will take a lot of pressure off your customers as they rush to find the perfect gift.

Two day shipping is cool…..

Let’s be real. Mother’s Day sneaks up on us like a bad case of hayfever, and unless you’re one of the few people in this world that manage to be organised enough to buy their gift a few weeks prior, the majority of Mother’s Day shoppers are cramming in their shopping session just a few days before Sunday.

Offering free shipping at this stage will save your customers money on delivery, but it will also mean they’ll need to wait longer to get their gift on time.

Two-day shipping services cost a little extra, but when time is limited, 62 per cent of customers are willing to dip deeper into their wallet to receive their items on time. Consumer behaviour is shifting towards convenience, and many shoppers prefer paying for faster shipping over having to visit a store in person.

…but same day shipping is a life saver

It’s true, two-day shipping is a must-have for last minute Mother’s Day sales, but the majority of shoppers will leave shopping until the absolute last minute.

Fortunately, there’s a range of services that offer cheap same-day shipping, Shippit offers 40 per cent off same day shipping with services available for as little as AUD$8.50, so it’s not too late to start using courier services before the weekend.

Before you offer same day shipping, there are a few things to keep in mind:


  • Implement clear and concise order deadlines – the most common cut-off time for same day shipping is 2:00 PM
  • Limit same day shipping offers to light products that are easy to transport
  • Same day shipping is best for the same city and metro deliveries – be sure to promote same day shipping to local shoppers


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