SHHH Silk Apologises for Black Friday Customer Service Blunder

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By Published On: December 21, 20180 Comments

The Founder and CEO of SHHH Silk, Olivia Carr has sent a personal letter to her business’s entire database to apologise for letting them down during the busy Black Friday weekend.

Taking to LinkedIn to express her disappointment at SHHH Silk falling short of customer expectations on Black Friday, Carr shared a heartfelt letter of apology, which was reportedly sent to every customer on the SHHH Silk database.

“One of the many things that isn’t discussed enough about entrepreneurship and owning a brand is the immense guilt you feel at different stages of your brand’s growth journey due to the natural growing pains that exist with growing faster than your systems and processes have kept up,” she wrote in her post.

“This recent Black Friday weekend was a test to the commitment of my amazing team with every staff member packing orders and handling customer service calls, however it was a giant learning curve that our current systems/processes we have in place are not robust enough to handle the sheer volume of orders we received in such a short period of time.”

According to Carr, she’s devastated that her brand, which is built entirely around “exceptional customer experiences”, wasn’t able to live up to its promise to consumers. In her post, she said she decided to send a personal letter to all of her customers because she owes it to them “to do better”. As the “lifeline” of her business, she took a move from Jane Lu’s book to express her remorse and gratitude to all of the people who have supported her brand since its inception.

“When starting this brand three years ago, my sole purpose was to always deliver an ‘exceptional customer first’ brand, which is what I as a consumer get so excited about,” she said in her letter to her customers.

“As we continue to grow and expand, we want to learn from our mistakes and grow to become a brand that our customers trust, respect and admire. We know what we need to action coming into 2019 and beyond to improve our systems, operations and overall level of customer service, especially during our busiest periods.”

According to Carr, she still personally reads every review, Facebook and Instagram comment and customer service ticket that comes through SHHH Silk’s systems, as she continues to commit both herself and her brand to improving.

“We feel very privileged and blessed to have such a loyal fan base, and we do not take that for granted,” she said.

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