Showpo’s CEO Acknowledges Her Mistakes

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In a shock, yet well-respected move, Showpo’s CEO, Jane Lu, has taken to Facebook to apologise for a technical glitch that caused a backlog of orders in April.

Online fashion retailer, Showpo, is a digital-first company, so when things went wrong, Lu responded in what she claims was the most appropriate way, via a Facebook video.

Over the Easter period, the businesses system reportedly crashed, causing a backlog of orders that caused a surge in traffic and frustrated customer enquires. While the glitch has since been rectified, Lu has posted an honest video on Facebook where she acknowledges and apologises for the mistake and any inconveniences it caused.

“I really wanted to speak directly to our customers, to talk to them on a platform they understand and relate to. We’re so fortunate to have a platform to directly talk to our customers, I felt it was important that we use it this way,” Lu said.

Since posting the short clip a few weeks ago, the video has amassed more than 55,000 views, with viewers reacting in a positive manner.

“I love this. It’s so raw and honest. It takes real courage to put something like this out there. Jane has always had my total respect, she’s such a genuine person. Thank you for being an inspiration to so many,” one user wrote.

“Kudos for taking responsibility and admitting the faults, as I truly understand how embarrassing it is when the overflow becomes overwhelming for a team,” another said.

Lu has been overwhelmed by the positive reaction from Showpo’s customers, claiming the transparency of her confession seems to have resonated really well with Showpo’s online audience.

“I felt it was critical that we created a little more transparency in the industry for both our customers and other businesses, things can really fall into a heap every now and then and I didn’t feel it was right to hide away from that. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, which shows our customers crave this transparency,” she said.

The media has also reacted positively to the video, with Business Insider Australia saying the video is a “masterclass in knowing your audience and connecting with them in a meaningful way”.

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