Snapchat Launches Snap Select for Premium Content

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As the path to appealing to Millennial and Gen Z audiences has become increasingly difficult, Snapchat has found a new way to target advertising.

Social media platform, Snapchat, are rolling out a new advertising tool, Snap Select, allowing advertisers access to reserving ad space for premium content.

The new tool allows merchants to create, manage and launch dynamic ads on its Discover section of the app, offering six-second non-skippable ads with audio. It will be accessible for brands across the app’s Snap Original and other premium content. The fixed CPM is similar to Youtube’s ad-buying system, giving advertisers an easy way to secure non-skippable commercial space. The plans are currently being presented as AUD$0.01 per completed view and will be human-curated, with hopes to prevent brand-safety issues.

The social media giant currently has over 300 million active users, with 34 per cent of users aged between 18-24 in the US. In 2019, half of all Snapchat users viewed the Discover page every day of the week. In recent months, they introduced ten Snap Original Shows, which have proven to be quite successful – its first docu-series “Endless Summer” gained over 28 million unique viewers in its first season. Snapchat also features over 450 premium content channels, including Refinery29, Buzzfeed, Condé Nast, and ESPN, which are available on the Discover page.

Snap Inc has seen a 39  per cent year-over-year increase in the first quarter of 2019. They have more than doubled the number of localised media partners globally, with the tool aiming to deliver further ROI. Using Snap Select, advertisers will now have access to the app’s Ads Manager, and reserve spaces for ads to run at certain times. For companies that don’t want to use Snap’s legacy ad manager platform, they have also introduced a self-serve one-click tool that enables the buyers to review and approve its plans.

David Roter, Snap’s global agency partnership’s VP said: “Snap Select gives marketers and agencies access to reserve inventory in the most premium, popular shows on Snapchat, and a direct path to reach Millennial and Gen Z audiences that are increasingly difficult to reach elsewhere.” For premium content, Snap Select will only feature for shows with the highest engagement. This aims to reach a new audience range, targeted specifically for teenagers.

In September 2018, Toyota ran a campaign on Snapchat and Spotify for its Corolla Hatchback with a target audience of Millennials. According to Snap Inc, Snapchatters engaged with the ads and watched more than 90 per cent of the commercials on average. Alongside this, the Toyota Snap Lens was played with for more than ten seconds on average. Snap Select will roll out in the second quarter of 2019.

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