Free Webinar: Attract and Retain Customers… the Retailer’s Survival Guide

Power Retail By Power Retail | 17 Aug 2015

Frost & Sullivan’s upcoming webinar will reveal how important it is for retailers to have a customer experience strategy in place to not only attract, but retain customers.

The vision for retailers is well known … deliver a seamless and relevant brand experience across all touchpoints.

However, the proliferation of retail channels has made this infinitely more challenging. Today, businesses need to deliver a consistently high and seamlessly personalised customer experience across a plethora of channels … in-store, online, mobile, social, telephone or during after-sales service. To add to this, the customer journey has also become much more complex over recent years.

If you as a retailer can relate to this, then it is probably time to look at how you manage the customer experience, particularly if you want your business to effectively and seamlessly engage with customers across the different channels. There is a real need for retailers to move away from the traditional aspirations of increasing in-store sales year-on-year and put more effort into measuring and monitoring customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and lifetime value.

A recent study by Frost & Sullivan has revealed that over recent years the environment for Australia’s 74,000 retail businesses has indeed become significantly more challenging. The emergence of the multichannel retail model is driving a profound change in the way that retailers need to manage their businesses and serve their customers.

Successful retailer Amazon bases its customer management experience on five key fundamentals including – a customer-first culture, high level of convenience, personalised and relevant offers, serving customers pro-actively with special offers and building and maintaining trust.

Join Frost & Sullivan’s webinar on Thursday 3 September at 1pm with Mark Dougan, Managing Director ANZ of Frost and Sullivan, to learn how you can – not only survive, but thrive in the new world of retail taking a few simple steps to manage your customers’ experience.

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