Stockland aims to support local brands with omnichannel strategy

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Stockland unveils a vibrant online marketplace to help local sellers strengthen connections, extend the experience, and reach more customers.

Property group Stockland has launched its ecommerce platform, Stockland Marketplace, with the intention of supporting local businesses.

In response to the growth of online retail in recent years, the marketplace hopes to connect online and offline channels and extend the shopping experience.

Over 33,000 products are available on the online shopfront from brands such as Toymate, Sanity, Just Sport, Blue Sky Kids Land and Ugg Express. Local retailers will have the opportunity to showcase products across apparel, sporting goods, technology and entertainment, jewellery, perfumes and cosmetics, homewares and gifts, and more on a consolidated digital platform.

Shoppers will be able to browse by locations and favourite stores, see in-store and online stock levels, and select from click-and-collect, delivery, or a combination of delivery options. The site will also feature news articles promoting retailers’ products and a feed to shop from Stockland’s Instagram.

As Michelle Abbey, Executive General Manager of Stockland’s Retail business, puts it, “For our retailers, Stockland Marketplace provides an opportunity to thrive beyond the constraints of trading hours and physical retail space to a digitally advanced experience where they can reach local customers when their doors are open and when they’re closed.”

The move comes at a time when consumers’ pandemic-led digital buying behaviours are re-balancing with the significant return to physical retail. The Digital Commerce 360 Omnichannel Report shows that in 2023, 68% of shoppers checked online for product availability at a nearby store. 50% also ordered online for in-store pickup, and 31% ordered online for same-day delivery.

Ms Abbey adds, “As the retail landscape continues to evolve, we recognise the importance of providing customers with a shopping experience that caters to their changing needs, seamlessly blending the convenience of e-commerce with the vibrant experience of a physical shopping centre.”

Notably, the Global 2023 NewStore Omnichannel Leadership Report – a retail survey of around 275 brands across various international markets – shows Australia taking first place for providing the most outstanding omnichannel experiences.

Stockland joins prominent retail names such as Myer, Barbeques Galore, and Chemist Warehouse in branching out from traditional sales channels with an omnichannel marketplace approach. These marketplaces hope to connect customers’ online and offline shopping habits while extending and enhancing their omnichannel journeys.

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