SurfStitch Debuts Print Publication

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Australian sport and lifestyle retailer, SurfStitch, is debuting a quarterly publication, Post. In collaboration with Stab, the printed venture offers a series of content surrounding surf, lifestyle, travel and culture.

The publication is presented in an A4 matte format, printed on FSC-approved 95 percent recycled paper with vegetable dye ink.

Using only your smartphone’s camera, users can shop the look in the publication instantly by scanning the code shown at the bottom of specific pages. The ‘Hover to Shop’ functionality aims to provide a seamless shopping experience for users. “It’s been fun to produce a piece of print content which can live on someone’s coffee table however, we also wanted to ensure the link to our digital platform was seamless. This is enabled by the use of hover-to-shop functionality, linking customers straight to the curated product featured on the paper in front of them,” Patterson continued.

With a print run of 200,000 copies thus far, it is something new for the retailer. “Print may seem like an unusual choice of medium for SurfStitch as one of Australia’s biggest online retailers, but therein lies the point,” explained Jevon Le Roux, the Managing Director of SurfStitch.

“Post complements the rapid delivery offered by our mega digital footprint, with a tangible face and longevity for deeper commentary. It’s been a true collaborative process between the team at SurfStitch and Stab with a strong emphasis on both style and storytelling.”

SurfStitch is partnering with Stab, whom the former previously owned up until 2017. The Bondi-based magazine, owned by the publisher, Rollingyouth,  produces surf-related content that is geared towards men. IN 2015, SurfStitch acquired Rollingyouth but ultimately sold it back in 2017 due to its voluntary administration. However, there was always planned work together despite going separate ways. “SurfStitch Group and Rollingyouth Media (STAB) will maintain a close commercial relationship with both parties entering into a three-year agreement for the supply of marketing and content development and advertising services to the SurfStitch Group,” FTI Consulting, who handled the voluntary administration said in 2017.

Post features 40 pages of its Summer 19/20 collection with the hopes to create a seamless and wide-reaching audience for the season. “The Post’s physical format offers a premium format to connect with our audience, integrating long-form narrative, strong visuals and typography,” said Dane Patterson, the General Manager, Brand and E-Commerce of SurfStitch.

Alongside the launch of Post is SurfStitch’s new campaign, Common Thread Between Us. The campaign, which was created in collaboration with the ad agency, Verb Syndicate, showcases ‘real’ people in the retailer’s apparel, and will be broadcast via OOH and digital channels. “Common Thread Between Us aims to challenge the tried and tested formula of campaigns, their themes and how they’re shot,” explained Colin Blake, from Verb Syndicate.

Post launches today, and the first run will be distributed until January 2020.

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