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Every year since 2013, Power Retail has published a ranking list of Australia’s Top 100 online retailers, which comprises a mix of pureplay and omnichannel retailers. This has been published as part of the ECommerce Leaders’ Playbook and celebrated at the All Star Bash each year in February.

The Retail Performance Scorecard expands upon the methodology developed by Power Retail to create the Top 100 list. 500 retailers are now included in our rankings.


For retailers to be eligible for ranking in the Retailer Performance Scorecard, they must operate a stand-alone transactional website, have a

base of operations within Australia, and ship merchandise (no digital-only products) to Australian customers.

Pure marketplaces (eg: eBay) are not eligible, though their sellers may be.

How does it work?

The Data

The Power Retail Research & Analytics Team identify key metrics across the online retail space which are included in our modelling. This includes utilising Similarweb to provide accurate, unbiased data regarding site traffic and user engagement on retailer websites.

More than 30 data points are included in assessing the performance of Australian online retailers.

These include but are not limited to:


Time on site

Pages viewed per session

Search capabilities

Site performance

Estimated online revenue

Ratio of mobile users

Mobile app success


Payment options

Delivery options

Login capabilities

Contact options

Ranking methodology

Power Retail uses a constantly evolving methodology to produce our rankings. This methodology has been refined over the past six years and was further bolstered by a recent research project undertaken in conjunction with the Melbourne Business School Data Analytics Program.

This research in particular helped us to develop analysis techniques to identify how our key metrics can be separated into the four key dimensions in the consumer life cycle:





By separating these results, we can identify which parts of the journey retailers excel at and where there is room for improvement.

The overall ranking is a combination of each of these four scores.


1. Why is my business included / not included in the rankings?

Power Retail looks at the broader Australian online retail market without bias or influence. All inclusions and exclusions are based on our ranking methodology and available performance data.

2. Can I pay to be included in the rankings?

No. Rankings are based entirely on our ranking methodology, developed by our Research and Analytics Teams.

3. Does Power Retail accept submissions from retailers?

We’re happy to hear from you if you feel your ranking isn’t correct but in general terms, we collect our data independently. If you have any queries email us at: [email protected]

4. How often are rankings updated?

Normally, rankings will be updated every week though changes will often be minimal on a week-to-week basis. While there are automated processes to our included data, we also use manual data collection techniques on a rolling basis so some retailer metrics will only be updated periodically.

5. What can I do if I think I’m not ranked correctly?

Let us know! Send us an email: [email protected] with an explanation of why you think you’ve been ranked incorrectly and we’ll take this into consideration.

How does it work?

Our unique customer service score is based on two essential aspects of the customer experience: mystery shopping and online user experience.

We spare no effort! We thoroughly evaluate the entire shopping experience

We record and score the entire shopping experience for top retail businesses, from website visit to search, checkout, delivery, and returns.

Stay a step ahead of your competitors!

The Customer Service Score of a retailer will also be employed for benchmarking its performance against competitors and tracking changes over time.

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