T2’s Latest Marketing Tactic to Attract More Shoppers

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T2 looks to expand e-commerce traffic from key markets including Australia, New Zealand, North America, Europe and South West Asia thanks to its new marketing strategy.

T2 has reportedly launched a new international search engine optimisation campaign in collaboration with its Melbourne-based digital agency, Impressive.

According to a statement released Wednesday, the campaign, which first launched in October last year, has already wielded strong results boosting the amount of traffic the brand is receiving from key local and international markets such as New Zealand, Europe, Asia and the US.

Over the last five months, T2 says that each of its location-based websites has seen a boost in organic traffic, with these increases ranging between 2.6 percent to 45.88 percent across the globe.

E-commerce conversion rates have also been on the rise, improving by as little as 12.32 percent and as much as 43 percent. Singapore, however, has been a true stand-out for the retailer, with conversion rates jumping by 277.59 percent in the last five months. Throughout the campaign, T2’s Global Head of Digital and E-Commerce, Manik Godhwani says the business has seen improved traffic, transactions and revenue, with the exception of the US, which has remained stagnant.

“We came to Impressive wanting an agency who understands international search engine optimisation and who could work across multiple global sites,” Godhwani said in a statement.

“Their in depth understanding of technical issues combined with brand strategy and content production has produced some pleasing results early on.”

Robert Tadros, the founder and managing director of Impressive said he’s pleased to be working with a reputable brand such as T2 and is confident the brand will continue to realise its global potential.

“T2 is an amazing Australian success story and it’s an honour to be working with them. They have come from humble beginnings and built a fantastic business model, which has enormous global potential. We look forward to a long term partnership with T2,” he said.

T2 is no stranger to juggling multiple marketing strategies at once, with Godhwani telling Power Retail in an interview late last year that “there are too many initiatives to count”.

Although, there are a number of initiatives T2 takes particular pride in, including:

  • Predictive intelligence, which has given conversion rates a boost
  • New payment methods – Afterpay, Unionpay and Alipay – that have opened up the T2 brand to both local and international consumers.

He also gave a few honourable mentions to T2’s Refer a Friend loyalty program initiative, affiliate programs, and A/B testing.

For instance, in the past, the company has reportedly run A/B tests that experimented with UI/UX. As a result of one such test, T2 was able to deploy a single page checkout that has decreased the number of consumers abandoning their carts during the checkout process, while also improving conversion rates.

Optimising mobile experiences is also high up on the list of initiatives T2 is constantly addressing.

“At T2 we believe that mobile is not the future, it is the now.”

According to Godhwani, T2 gets more traffic, in Australia and around the world, on its mobile site than it does its desktop and tablet version.

“Mobile first is our mantra and always a priority,” he said.

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