T2’s Bid for Global Expansion with Triquestra

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Aussie tea brand, T2, has joined forces with New Zealand's leading software solutions provider, Triquestra, to transform the brand in the lead up to its global expansion.

Using the Triquestra Infinity platform, the two are banding together to create an ‘immersive’ and ‘frictionless’ experience for customers across the online, in-store and mobile channels.

The Infinity platform will be installed as T2’s POS, with the power to create a central hub for the brand’s inventory and customer loyalty programs. These will cover the entire e-commerce, wholesale and retail channels, which span across 100 stores throughout APAC, Europe and North America. The unified platform will help T2 scale and adapt to the shifting consumer expectations, as well as offer new technology and flexibility across new stores, channels and markets.

“To keep pace with new technologies and changing consumer demands, we decided to bring everything together with a unified commerce strategy,” explained T2’s Global Head of Technology, Rohan Penman.

“Following an in-depth software review process, we selected Triquestra as our strategic partner to help achieve that vision. Triquestra already supports retailers with a strategy of omnichannel innovation and provides best-in-class products and processes, a broad unified commerce portfolio and a referenceable track record of success with multi-store retailers across multiple geographies,” he continued.

“Infinity will give us a single hub for our channels, reducing integration complexity and manual overheads, while increasing efficiency and accuracy,” explains Mr Penman. “t will also be our platform for growth and innovation, helping us to deliver evolutionary innovations that will accelerate our business agility and competitive advantage.”

Triquestra is a fast-growing software company that has shaken up the online retail industry. With clients such as CUE Clothing, Aquila, Fantastic Furniture and Caltex, the ‘stay-up’ software provider operates across twelve countries and supports medium-to-large retailers with ‘complex needs’.

“T2 shares our vision, with a single-minded focus on creating immersive and personalised experiences for customers. It has mastered the art of creating magical in-store experiences, through storytelling and adventurous in-store displays that encourage visitors to discover and experiment,” explained Kelly Brown, the CEO of Triquestra.

T2’s plan for global expansion begins with Australia and New Zealand, with plans to shift into the Singapore market, along with North America and Europe. The central hub provided by Triquestra will provide ‘endless aisle’ access for T2’s customers, as well as new payment options and fulfilment services, including click-and-collect and ship-to-store.

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